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  1. Michael Rennie

    Movies for Dummies

  2. Michael Rennie

    Stalker Movies

    My mind drifted to the idea of what The Lady Eve would have been like with Jack Carson and Doris Day. Okay, I know, this has nothing to do with stockings, I mean stalkings.
  3. Michael Rennie

    I Just Watched...

    Careful, you could poke someone's eye out with those.
  4. Michael Rennie

    Noir Alley

    No need to be sorry, especially with such a nice comment. The concept is simple, but the implementation could be a nightmare. The original audio is monaural. That helps, in my opinion. Separating Robert's voice would be easy enough, until more than one person is talking. Plays again Tuesday May 14. Hope I can put in this link and it works: http://www.tcm.com/schedule/weekly.html?tz=est&sdate=2019-05-14
  5. Michael Rennie

    Noir Alley

    Nobody is streaming Ride The Pink Horse, according to JustWatch. Criterion does have it on DVD/Blu-ray. Like Dargo, I know Robert Young from TV. The voice is unmistakable. I didn't know Agnes Moorehead, Samantha's Mom, was an actress until TCM. I can handle most veggies, even from a can. In moderation. I wonder what would happen if The Lady In The Lake was redone in Dolby Surround, with Robert Montgomery's voice in the back, and all other voices in the front.
  6. Michael Rennie

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    So TopBilled is also an authority on daytime soaps? My Grandma loved them too, including General Hospital on ABC. Yep, I would watch too. Once the World stopped Turning and the Light stopped Guiding, I was finished. The ladies on the Spanish Novelas love to show off everything. I'm okay with that.
  7. Michael Rennie

    Noir Alley

    I disclose not being a Noir fan yet. Mainly, I don't understand it. I do love watching Eddie Muller's views on the films. I am crazy over the way he does the lighting on his set. It is so not how TV works. He has no back lighting. But it works, and even if I don't know Noir, the look is classic mystery. I think the other hosts could experiment with having the lighting mostly on the face. Eddie does so much more for me than the other hosts. He digs deep. The 2 minutes or so from the other hosts is just data. Eddie does it with feeling. No matter what, Eddie Muller is my TCM hero. I would love to see a full 30 minute program from Eddie about Noir, especially for people trying to get a better understanding.
  8. The Quiet Man is a great film anytime. For me, the star of the movie is Ireland. Had my 'roots' not come to America, I would have been born somewhere in the area. Darn.
  9. Michael Rennie

    Highly Unlikely Pairings!

    I watched "Sweet November" last night, just not from the beginning. I had watched it before, again not from the start. I always think of Anthony as a singer, then maybe an actor. Sandy is amazing for me. After the film, Alicia mentioned how she died much too soon. It is a movie I'd watch again, maybe next time from the start.
  10. Michael Rennie


    I would like to see TopBilled and LawrenceA take this one on. I also hope SpeedRacer5's hubby is okay.
  11. Michael Rennie

    Stalker Movies

    I love Doris Day, and this movie was recently on TCM. I started laughing as it made me think of this thread. I didn't see your reply until now. The forum missed alerting me. I'll bet you can sing, "I Feel Pretty."
  12. Michael Rennie

    The Criterion Channel begins on April 8th

    The latest from The Criterion Channel. The Criterion Channel Announces Launch Lineup
  13. Michael Rennie

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    Just look at what AT&T has done to the pricing at Direct TV Now. Prices start at $50/month. All the way up to $135/month. They seem to think dropping in HBO or Cinemax is worth paying for.
  14. Michael Rennie

    RIP 20th Century Fox

    It is unfortunate the movies we watch on TCM, all depends on fees. I suspect the movies we see the most are the most affordable ones. I've heard others here say, "No TCM won't play that. It would cost too much." I would like to see TCM do exactly what Starz does. EXACTLY! Channels that play live on cable and satellite, and on demand streaming. I want more choices, and AT&T wants more money. Win Win.
  15. Michael Rennie

    Highly Unlikely Pairings!

    This is Billy Crystal best scene for me:

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