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  1. The Keeper

    Watching Bette Davis in "The Star" and OMG!!!

    Did you know?,_Dilly) I'm fond of the Burl Ives version.
  2. Not a keeper, The Keeper. I collect animals and tried to snag Will and Penny. David seems genuine. Nice seems better than harsh. Thanks Mother Goose! You're often the voice of reason.
  3. David: There is a forum section called Information, Please. If it specifically designed for questions and answers. I copied your question into my browser, and in seconds, found this: The Internet can give you instant results to many of your questions.
  4. The Keeper

    Don't miss WHEN TOMORROW COMES (1939) on TCM

    Shame Shame TCM. Are they too poor? We had 16mm projectors when I was in school. (60s & 70s) I do know how to operate one.
  5. The Keeper

    What are Jenna Malone's favs???

    Don't have a favorite host. I'm sort of growing tired of the lady who does all the voiceovers. TCM uses her too frequently. There is also a man, but he isn't used anywhere near as much. I love everything about the wine lady.
  6. Even my sloppy eyesight can see the difference. I tried to watch I Remember Mama last night and the sound was the problem. TCM is responsible for audio/video quality. Comcast has claimed they are not allowed to alter anything. I realize what TCM shows can only be as good as the source material. Some of the 30s/40s movies are in worse condition than the silent films. TCM should not be paying good money for bad movies.
  7. The Keeper

    I Just Watched...

    It is Saturday and a Bloody Mary Morning. Have a great day!
  8. The Keeper

    I Just Watched...

    I tried to watch I Remember Mama. The audio was so mushy I could not continue. I have very modest issues with my hearing. So I'm watching The Golden Girls on Hallmark Channel. I've been complaining to everyone for 12 years, and nothing gets better. This is a TCM issue as Comcast/Infinity has zero control.
  9. I know Duran Duran by name only. Sorry 'bout that.
  10. I think they had to be on drugs to make that movie. Mom took us to see it at our small town theater. My brother and I were not yet teens. Too bad we didn't see it at the motor movies, where she could have slept through it.
  11. J'adore quand tu parles français. (Thanks Google Translate)
  12. The Keeper

    Film Pantheon of Umbrage

    Welcome back! As before, you are leaving me scratching my head.
  13. The Keeper

    you will not hear the word 'damn' on MOVIES!

    Before GW, early 1990s, the FCC relaxed rules for radio, between Midnight and 6 AM. I enjoy TCM for many reasons, including limited profanity.
  14. The Keeper

    What are Jenna Malone's favs???

    It is Jena not Jenna. She is cute like Alicia with all that red hair.
  15. The Keeper

    What are Jenna Malone's favs???

    The article is hilarious. I like the name Jenna. Maybe Spence is thinking about G.W. Bush's daughter. Personally, I'm thinking Meghan McCain, not Megyn Kelly. Meghan and Jenna could sit down with Alicia and talk movies. That would be my choice for what hosts do. Movie introductions bore me. Not crazy about any host, but bashing threads are counter productive and eventually get deleted.

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