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  1. lostintwilight

    Looking for old movie about married couple on the run

    I appreciate everyone's attempt to help, but. . . I'm already very familiar with IMDb. I've searched for this movie via their keyword search, thinking of every possible keyword I could think of that might be associated with this film. I've looked at their similar movies part of each movie page. I've also visited another site called "What's my movie?" I've even glanced at old newspapers online at the TV listings (I say glanced, because I quickly realized to look for the movie this way would be like looking for a needle in a haystack). I've searched in every way I can think of. . .
  2. lostintwilight

    Looking for old movie about married couple on the run

    I watched Dust Be My Destiny last night. It isn't the movie I'm looking for. And neither is Juke Girl. I'm certain I haven't seen either of these movies before, so I know I'm not "pulling" scenes from them. But I would say that "Dust" is the closest movie I've seen so far to the one I'm looking for. It was almost word for word my description (the closing train scene was different, but still a train scene!), but it lacked the scene where the husband is looking for working and, in failing to find, considers suicide because he can't support his wife (he doesn't do it). "Dust" was also 1939, and I'm thinking that's probably a bit too early for the film I'm looking for. It was probably in the 40's. I've reconsidered that the husband in the film I'm searching for was possibly an ex-con. I'm also considering approaching my search from a different angle; because "Dust" was the most similar I've seen so far, perhaps I should be asking people to suggest similar movies in a different post altogether.
  3. lostintwilight

    Looking for old movie about married couple on the run

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it isn't "Tomorrow Is Another Day." From what I can recall, the movie I'm looking for begins in a migrant worker camp, and that's where there is an accidental killing that puts the couple on the run. I know it would help tremendously if I could remember at least one of the actors, but I don't. It seems like they weren't big names, however. But of course I could be wrong. Another big help would be a time frame for the movie, but I just remember it was in black and white. If I had to name a decade, I'd say the 40's. But I do know what it wasn't. It wasn't a comedy, or musical, or romance, or western, and even the crime theme was very low-key, much lower than Desperate! The film was mostly about the couple eluding the police as they slowly moved toward their destination which seems was at least halfway across the country.
  4. But the movie isn't Desperate! (1947). But it is most similar to Desperate than any other movie I've seen. It's been about fifteen years since I've seen this movie play on TCM, so my memory of it is sketchy. It begins with a husband and wife working at some sort of labor camp. The husband gets into a heated argument with the foreman and accidentally kills him. The couple go on the run, and it seems this was the bulk of the movie -- the couple eluding the police. It seems the man did have a destination, however, an attorney or something. I don't recall if this destination was actually reached. It seems the couple was in a large city at some point, probably NYC. They got an apartment, but the man was looking for work. He was turned away at some prospects (he also sought aid called some kind of "relief"), and I recall he was so depressed about not being able to find employment and take proper care of his wife that he was contemplating suicide (but he didn't do it). My wife seems to remember the ending: the wife was leaving on a train as she and her husband watched each other through the window. They were supposed to meet up later or something. I realize it could very well be that I and my wife are recalling more than one movie here and confusing them together. But I've searched the internet and looked at similar movies, with no luck. And it isn't that this movie is so great or anything, I'd just like to see it again!

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