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  1. Cinesi

    Movies Aren't Running Again, March 5 2019

    Yes, back at the begining of February we had a total meltdown and nothing would play successfully. March was quite normal... but last week, problems have returned. I began having problems streaming the Greta Garbo films midweek. For a while I could I least see the films thru the Web interface, or partway thru the Apps before they froze.. now access is totally broken — both the WatchTCM Apps and Web interface. Right now I can’t even stream the film THE NATURAL which was shown earlier in the evening? Even though it seems useless to do so, I am reporting the problem to Tech Support... they never seem to reply!
  2. Cinesi

    Greta Garbo as SOTM April 2019

    I wish they would not have played so late the excellent doc THE DIVINE GRETA GARBO... to boot, the doc was not scheduled on WatchTCM. Sigh !!!
  3. Cinesi

    Watch TCM Films not loading

    Would it make a difference on which cable provider you have? I am on Spectrum! So far, it seems that this weekend so far, all films being added to WatchTCM do not stream at all! Maybe someone with Twitter should reach Ben Mankiewicz to let him know of the problem... maybe he can reach TCM's Tech Support. Nobody seems to be minding the store, sigh! --denis
  4. Cinesi

    Watch TCM Films not loading

    Hi, as of 16:15 PST the following WatchTCM films are not loading for me STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) SUNRISE (1927) A STAR IS BORN (1937) WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD (1932) On an iPad with the WatchTCM App, the following cryptic error appears “The Operation couldn’t be completed (CDN Token. TokenError error 0.)” I checked the other films listed previously and indeed they do not load for streaming... it seems the outage is quite extensive. Argh!!! 😡😡😡 —denis
  5. I am a huge fan / user of WatchTCM... can’t live without it! However, technical glitches abound... some of them seemingly related to load — maybe the infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with demand. Anyhow, right now both films WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD (1932) and A STAR IS BORN (1937) fail to play on demand! As usual, I have reported the problem to “Contact TCM” ... as usual other than a msg receipt no-one in tech support answers. Some weeks ago, the silent film DR MABUSE THE GAMBLER (1922) also did not play on WatchTCM. I sent Tech Support a daily msg all that week but never heard anything back nor was the problem fixed. How can we better report WatchTCM tech problems? —denis

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