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  1. I felt the community of TCM would be the best resource to ask this question. I asked my best friend recently as to his favourite film, and he responded with “Guardians of the Galaxy”. (He gave me a movie and not a film as far as I’m concerned) The feeling I believe we all share is that my generation or age bracket is missing out on appreciating films for the actors/actress who bring their roles to life and span a career of memorable performances for the audience to appreciate. Instead, young people are preferring fictional characters being brought to life and engaging in escapism rather than appreciating a film. My question is how to get the majority of people my age to appreciate films the way I do, both classic and contemporary. The fact that box office records have recently been dominated by superhero movies means that it’s not working. Many in this industry have agreed on this issue, where cinema attendance is falling at the expense of at-home streaming services. More importantly, how many members are in their 20s and do you have any suggestions. I feel this would help a lot of stressed-out, disillusioned young people by giving them something to appreciate and look forward to in the evening.

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