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  1. HomeCinemaNerd

    25 years later, TCM still abides (so movie lovers pray)

    Thanks! And yes, absolutely it can be a social event via other media. I was confining my discussion to where I know TCM is actively involved in the live discussions. I’m sure Facebook is probably the same but I don’t use that much. Regardless, believe there has already been some change over the years, not all of it bad. And a quick search of the forum shows that this is a perennial topic and I’m sure we’ll be lamenting the commercials for the “All New TCM Augmented Reality Glasses” in a few years
  2. HomeCinemaNerd

    25 years later, TCM still abides (so movie lovers pray)

    I miss the old AMC. If nothing else, healthy competition is a good thing. Honestly, I believe the old TCM has already gone. The only constant (especially in media) is change. I don’t however feel sad about the change, I actually like it. the TCM app is BRILLIANT and it has already transformed the way I approach watching movies. If I see something on the schedule that I really really want to see, I don’t have to plan around it or even set a DVR. I know I have a week or so to see it via the app. I can also watch the host intros by themselves which I have found is a surprisingly nice feature to have. All of this allows me to plan my movie nights when I’m ready to enjoy them. I don’t see that change as bad at all. Watching the films live, however, does have one big advantage. If you watch live, you can enjoy the film with others via twitter using all the hashtags. Live-Tweeting a movie is something that no one even dreamed about 25 years ago but it’s a change that I really enjoy. If AT&T wants to try to sell me fermented grapes between the movies, meh, go for it. Everyone has to pay the rent. As long as they don’t try to sell me a seat on a cruise during the movie, I’m probably not going to complain. Cheers
  3. HomeCinemaNerd

    Secret Agent/Spy Films

    Night Train to Munich has some Bond-ish elements. Not many gadgets but some good secret agent moments.
  4. HomeCinemaNerd

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    It is? Well then mark me in the unpopular category because Williams is brilliant. And to prove that I’m a complete boor, I’ll throw out another theme song that I believe fit the movie perfectly, East Bound and Down is a great driving song by Jerry Reed and worked great for Smokey and the Bandit.
  5. Took a lot of guts to post that online, especially in an age when trolling is a semi-professional sport. Keep doing you, Eric.
  6. I love watching the Overton Window move back and forth over time. Art and politics are great social lenses.
  7. HomeCinemaNerd

    Cincinnati Chapter! Need One More Email!

    Sent you a message with my email. You go ahead and submit the chapter. Also, Huzzah we’re official!
  8. HomeCinemaNerd

    Cincinnati Chapter! Need One More Email!

    Sadly, I’m out of town for this one. Eat some popcorn for me.
  9. HomeCinemaNerd

    Why do some classic movie fans bash newer films?

    I think that is a large part of it. Another factor, in my opinion, is the increasing amount of remakes we see. I don’t mind a good remake/reboot and I think there is plenty of room to better an action movie with newer effects, but being inundated with the same formulaic plot can get tiresome. I fell into this group with A Star Is Born. Three remakes was just too many for me. I admire the performances of the actors but, as much as I profess to support recycling, I couldn’t stomach the underlying boilerplate. And on that note, I offer you all some good-humored snark:
  10. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM and aspect ratio

    TCM showed How The West Was Won last month in its original Cinerama widescreen format and I remember seeing a lot of tweets complaining about it. I imagine it’s tough to make everyone happy.
  11. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Melanie, Your email address is still invalid.
  12. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Melanie, As of right now, we need two more Backlot members to start our chapter. Would you like to be added to our Email chain? [edit] your email address says it isn’t valid
  13. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    We are on our way. Need 3 more people to make it official.
  14. HomeCinemaNerd

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    I believe a large segment of 20 somethings do not enjoy classic film simply because they have not been exposed to them. But this is really no different than the generations before the Millenials. Raise your hand if you remember the dark days before “the interwebs” when the only people who volutarily watched black and white movies were you and your grandparents. Maybe some friend would watch It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas. In this respect, the internet and social media have actually benefited the classics. More people have access to these films now and are discovering their magic. I’m well past the age but I know there is a solid classic film following on college campuses these days and anyone brave enough to attempt grad school better know their silver screen lore, because their colleagues certainly do. I’m not saying it’s better or worse now but the OP asked how to introduce more people to cinema. I think that’s it, introduce them. Keep introducing them, as many people as you can. Some people will never enjoy fishing, some will not like Film Noir. But let’s be honest, do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn’t enjoy Noir?
  15. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Could a moderator combine the two Cincinnati threads?

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