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  1. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Melanie, Your email address is still invalid.
  2. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Melanie, As of right now, we need two more Backlot members to start our chapter. Would you like to be added to our Email chain? [edit] your email address says it isn’t valid
  3. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    We are on our way. Need 3 more people to make it official.
  4. HomeCinemaNerd

    How To Get My Age Bracket (20-30) Into Cinema

    I believe a large segment of 20 somethings do not enjoy classic film simply because they have not been exposed to them. But this is really no different than the generations before the Millenials. Raise your hand if you remember the dark days before “the interwebs” when the only people who volutarily watched black and white movies were you and your grandparents. Maybe some friend would watch It’s a Wonderful Life at Christmas. In this respect, the internet and social media have actually benefited the classics. More people have access to these films now and are discovering their magic. I’m well past the age but I know there is a solid classic film following on college campuses these days and anyone brave enough to attempt grad school better know their silver screen lore, because their colleagues certainly do. I’m not saying it’s better or worse now but the OP asked how to introduce more people to cinema. I think that’s it, introduce them. Keep introducing them, as many people as you can. Some people will never enjoy fishing, some will not like Film Noir. But let’s be honest, do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn’t enjoy Noir?
  5. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Could a moderator combine the two Cincinnati threads?
  6. HomeCinemaNerd

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Looks like this thread has been going for a while without much luck. Let’s get it locked down. Reading the info in the TCM Backlot area shows that we need: 5 registered Backlot members (so myself and 4 others) to get a full chapter started. A “home” theater. If you are interested in making this happen, message me your email address and I’ll start a list. We have 3 Theaters in the Cincy area that regularly show Fathom Events movies so a home theater won’t be a problem.

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