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  1. SummerStars

    TCM's first few monthly schedules

    While on the topic of TCM's original network identifications, does anyone happen to remember this one commercial that didn't necessarily air on TCM, but it was frequently shown on other Turner-owned networks, like TBS. This commercial featured a fast-paced montage of scenes from various classic movies set to the tune of "Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing" from the Broadway version of "42nd Street". I don't remember what movie scenes were shown, it's been quite a long time since I had last seen it. I recall there was a male voice over who said at the end of the commercial to call your local cable provider to get Turner Classic Movies. I believe this was first shown about four years after TCM debuted. It just seems as though back then, TCM had a lot of promos, commercials, and other network spots that had soundtracks of either jazz or swing music, probably just to make the viewers get the feel of the "classic" movie era. This kind of music is very common in classic movies, so it just makes sense that TCM used this music a lot back then.
  2. SummerStars

    Rare Movies/TV Appearances

    Let's not forget, TCM also used to show interviews with classic movie stars on The Dick Cavett Show.
  3. SummerStars

    TCM's first few monthly schedules

    I just thought of something. Perhaps, in honor of TCM's anniversary this coming month, maybe, just maybe at some point TCM could (and should) do something nostalgic and show some of the original identifications and bumpers from their first year. For instance, the intro before a movie begins with the jazz musicians and people dancing. The only "original" bumper from TCM's first year that they still show is the "All Night" one, for movies shown usually after 2:00am. Still, just a thought.
  4. SummerStars

    Rare Movies/TV Appearances

    Thanks guys! I appreciate your help! I was just asking about these rare shows and movies figuring that somebody may possibly have them, because I was just curious to see them. I think that's quite interesting that Ruth Roman was in "Look in Any Window", since I had just seen her a little over a month ago in another movie titled "The Window". The two similar movie titles seem like they can cause some confusion to some, especially since Ruth Roman appearing in both movies gives them something in common. I guess that if she's featured for Summer Under the Stars this year (and it's about time she should be), there's a good chance that movie might be shown. Same as if Jane Russell would be featured for that, or else Star of the Month, and TCM could possibly show Cauliflower Cupids. Usually if someone is featured for either SUTS or SOTM, the last movie(s) they would show would most likely be a "modern" and very much forgotten movie from a contemporary era. For instance, a few years ago, the forgotten cult film, "The Phinx", was the final movie shown for the day saluting Ruby Keeler for SUTS. I just think it was really strange to show this movie for Ruby Keeler day during SUTS, mostly since she seems to be singled out among the many stars making cameo appearances. I guess TCM just gained the rights to present this movie around that time, and just figured the best time to air it would be on the SUTS day honoring Ruby Keeler, although they could have played it that past July for the "America in the 1970s" spotlight. I'm still wondering about that TV show version of "The Women" starring Paulette Goddard. It would be interesting if TCM could at some time show rare TV appearances by different "golden-age" movie stars. If I'm not mistaken, I believe some years ago, TCM did obtain the rights to show some rare TV show appearances of James Dean for one night. Also, about Clark Gable making TV appearances, I just always thought it'd be really neat to see him being interviewed on a TV talk show. If anything, it would've most likely had been on "The Tonight Show", back when it was first hosted by Steve Allen. I also forgot to ask before, does anyone know if the following film had been released on home video at all? It's a preview film for MGM hosted by Lewis Stone from about 1940. It shows small portions of trailers from movies that had already been released in 1939, as well as those to debut the following year. TCM has shown this from time to time, usually around 5:30 am, but I just haven't seen it in a long time. There had been other films like this shown late at night on TCM. Another one is for MGM's 25th anniversary, and is hosted by Lionel Barrymore. It presents the most significant movie for each year, and it ends with the classic footage of the MGM stars having lunch.
  5. SummerStars

    Rare Movies/TV Appearances

    Since the topic had recently come up about TCM showing RARE TV movies and/or appearances of classic movie stars, I had been wondering if anyone has videos of these. I hope this isn't asking too much, but there had been certain movies and TV shows that I had just recently found out about in books, and I'm just curious about them. I recently graduated from college with a degree in TV/Film, and I'm interested in seeing a variety of rare TV shows and movies. There are certain movies and shows that I had been wondering about for sometime, and I CAN'T find them ANYWHERE in movie catalogs (Movies Unlimited, Critic's Choice, or even TCM Shop), so I'm asking if anyone has the videos of any of these movies or shows. WON TON TON: THE DOG WHO SAVED HOLLYWOOD (1976) I had first read about this movie in some movie catalog, that I just can't seem to find at the moment. At first I thought it seemed boring since it's dated from a contemporary era, 1976, and I don't often care for movies from around that time, except for "Rocky", for instance. What really caught my attention was when I saw that this movie contains appearances by many stars of "golden-age" Hollywood, and that's why I suggested this for the "All-Star Movies" spotlight last night. I highly doubt, though, that this movie had ever aired on TCM. Look in Any Window Now I personally like Paul Anka, and I never ever thought he had appeared in a movie. I have no idea what this movie's about, but I would just be curious to see one of my favorite singers in a movie. Perhaps if TCM ever considers doing a spotlight on "Musicians/Famous Singers on Film", maybe this one could end up being shown. I also doubt that TCM had ever played this one, as well. The Women (1955) Now I know what you're thinking. You probably figure I'm referring to "The Opposite Sex", which is a musical remake of the 1939 film, "The Women". This is actually a made-for-TV version of the 1939 film, originating from some TV series called Producers' Showcase. I don't know if this was ever released on home video, but I sure would like to see it, and I suppose many others would, as well, after I mention this one interesting bit of detail. Since I first saw "The Women", I always thought that Paulette Goddard deserved a bigger role. Well, it just so happens that in this rare TV version of the movie, Paulette actually plays one of the leads! She plays the same character that Rosalind Russell did in the original 1939 movie! CYD CHARISSE'S TV APPEARANCES (1960s) I REALLY like Cyd Charisse, and I really enjoy seeing her movies. However, I believe that during the 1960s, she made frequent TV appearances, since she wasn't appearing in that many movies during this decade, especially since movie musicals were sadly becoming increasingly unpopular. One of them I know is an appearance on a TV series called "Checkmate", which I would like to see. I also believe she starred in some movie from the late 1960s (perhaps 1967 or 68), but I don't know off hand. Would anyone happen to know? I guess during this time she just wanted to try giving only acting a chance. Cauliflower Cupids (1970) This MUST be one of the last movies that Jane Russell had ever made, mostly based on the fact that she started to slowly retire from movies during the 1960s to focus on her life and her Christian faith. I haven't any idea about this movie, but I think to see Jane Russell, who is better known for her films from the 1940s and 1950s, in a "counter-culture era" movie would be interesting, especially to see her in a movie that isn't a Western, or a noir, and one where she most-likely isn't portrayed as a sex-symbol. Also, I've wondered, has Clark Gable EVER made any TV appearances? I kind of get the feeling that he was one of those "old-time" movie stars that had only preferred appearing on the big screen and avoided television as much as possible, just to save his reputation from becoming too involved with this new medium at the time. There were many stars who felt this way about TV during the late 40s and well into the 50s, believing that TV had a bigger impact on people than movies. I just think it would be interesting if Clark Gable had ever made a rare appearance on TV during the 1950s, either being interviewed on a talk show or else making an appearance on a game show like "What's My Line?" or something.
  6. SummerStars

    Possible Spotlight Ideas

    The first made for TV "movie" that came to my mind is Mr. Krueger's Christmas with James Stewart. It isn't a full-length movie, though, but it would be interesting if TCM could air it at sometime (most appropriately for Christmas), especially since it hasn't been shown on TV in many years (to my knowledge). I'm sure that there are numerous made-for-TV movies/shows that TCM could air that feature classic Hollywood stars, that many of us would be surprised to see -- for instance, the TV version of MARTY.
  7. SummerStars

    The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Barbara Stanwyck? Carole Lombard? Minnie Mouse? Who did you have in mind, TopBilled? I think you stumped us all!
  8. SummerStars

    Help with identifying very rare Christmas show

    Oh, my goodness! I believe that's it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  9. SummerStars

    Possible Spotlight Ideas

    I’ve noticed how within the past year on TCM they have featured some really clever and interesting spotlights for each month (Examples : March - Great movie endings, May - Movie Series, June - Musicals, etc.), so I thought up of some POSSIBLE ideas for upcoming spotlights that TCM could feature later this year or else in the not too distant future - Sports Theme Movies that focus on a primary sport, or a particular sporting event that plays an important role within the story, or else movies that are biographies on famous athletes. e.g. PAT AND MIKE, TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME, PRIDE OF THE YANKEES, KNUTE ROCKNE, NATIONAL VELVET, THE FRESHMAN, or THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR (maybe, for the basketball scenes). Animal Stars The main or title character in the movie is any kind of species of animal. e.g. LASSIE movies, RIN TIN TIN, FLIPPER, THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET, FRANCIS THE TALKING MULE, ROY ROGERS AND TRIGGER movies, and possibly IT’S SHOWTIME, which is all about animal stars in movies. It was featured this past January 1st after all the THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT movies. Starring and directed by The star of the movie is also the director. e.g. Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Orson Welles, and perhaps Ida Lupino, Jose Ferrer, Sidney Poitier, and Robert Mitchum. Musicians/Famous Singers on Film Movies that star a famous musician or a whole band. e.g. Elvis Presley, The Beatles (A HARD DAY’S NIGHT, HELP!, and perhaps even LET IT BE or YELLOW SUBMARINE), ABBA: THE MOVIE, etc. All Star Movies This spotlight is one I would LOVE to see. Movies that contain as many stars as possible. These can be movies where the stars either have cameo appearances or make up the full cast. Although, I’m not quite sure if this spotlight would include vignette films. e.g. HOLLYWOOD REVUE, HOLLYWOOD PARTY, STAGE DOOR CANTEEN, THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS, THOUSANDS CHEER, ‘TIL THE CLOUDS ROLL BY, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES, VARIETY GIRL (if TCM could get the rights to this rare all-star Paramount movie), DEEP IN MY HEART, IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD, HOW THE WEST WAS WON, and possibly two “cult classics:” THE PHINX and WON TON TON: THE DOG WHO SAVED HOLLYWOOD (Incidentally, The Phinx WAS shown on TCM a few years ago for Summer Under the Stars when they showed Ruby Keeler movies. According to Robert Osborne in the Now Playing Guide for that month, this may have been the first time that film was shown on TV since its 1970 release.) It would also be really interesting if TCM would show, for this spotlight, THE MUPPET MOVIE, since it features a lot of celebrity cameos, but I don’t know if TCM would be able to obtain rights to it. Now I have no idea if any of these spotlights have occurred in TCM’s history and I’m just not aware of it, but I guess it’s possible that a spotlight can be repeated, only if it’s been a long time since it was last featured, just like with the Star of the Month.
  10. I have a question regarding colorized films. I figure there are MANY fans of classic movies who must REALLY despise the colorized versions (me being one of them). However, I am just wondering if there is anyone who may happen to have the Colorization Inc. versions of classic movies. I know these colorized versions probably have the reputation of being the WORST colorized movies ever made, but I have just been really curious as to how bad they really look. These versions must have very poor use of color, based on what I had seen in Colorization Inc’s version of ANGEL AND THE BADMAN with John Wayne and Gail Russell (which occasionally airs on INSP TV network). The color is VERY dull and faded --- There is ABSOLUTELY no good use of rich and appealing color choices throughout this version of the movie! The entire color spectrum consists of faint shades of mostly blue, green, peach, and a lot of brown and grey tones. I guess this must be a result of this being one of the very first ever attempts at computer colorization of black and white movies. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if any of the first few movies colorized (by Colorization Inc.) had these very shoddy and dreadful looking color choices throughout the picture. I know that IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE was definitely one of these movies poorly colorized, which, of course, had stirred up major controversy among many highly-critical viewers, James Stewart being one of them. Regardless, I’m just very curious to see how bad that colorized version, as well as many others by Colorization Inc. must look. I also believe the noir thriller SUDDENLY falls under this category, especially since Frank Sinatra was colorized with BROWN EYES! Even though these films were colorized for the sake of TV stations making money out of them, through the concept of color movies being believed to be more marketable than those in black and white, I just can’t understand how ANYONE could possibly sit through an entire movie with such awful looking color. I find two-strip color to be not so attractive, but a movie that looks as though it was purposely colored with limited and very dull colors to create an illusion of aged fading (and believe me, movies that have been faded with age don’t look this bad at all) is just pathetic. Yes, I KNOW this sounds way too critical, but, as I said before, I’m just curious about these other colorized versions of movies just to see how they had turned out.
  11. SummerStars

    TCM's first few monthly schedules

    Okay, thanks for responding! I look forward to seeing those schedules once you get a chance to post them.
  12. SummerStars

    TCM's Saturday Matinee

    Along with the MGM Cartoons, I would hope that TCM would show the Turner-owned Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons (1930 - mid-1948) on Saturday Matinee sometime soon!
  13. I think the woman throwing confetti is Wendy Hiller. I just saw her in her Oscar-winning role in SEPARATE TABLES the other night.
  14. With the anniversary of TCM coming up in just a little over a month from now, I’ve been wondering if there’s any existing schedules of TCM’s first three months of broadcast (April, May, and June 1994). I have also been wondering exactly what time TCM had started broadcasting. Was it during the daytime or was it in the early evening? I also have been very curious as to which movies were shown on that very first day of broadcast (April 14, 1994). We already know that GONE WITH THE WIND was the first movie ever played, and also that one short film titled 100 YEARS AT THE MOVIES, which was created especially for the launch of TCM. I have reason to believe that particular short film was the first thing to ever be seen on that network as soon as it went on the air (most especially since it references the date, April 14, 1894, as being the exact date when motion-pictures made their public debut). I wouldn’t be surprised if any of the “true classic” movies were also shown on TCM’s first day, such as CASABLANCA or even CITIZEN KANE. Since TCM has for years been presenting movies in a specific order at certain times during the day to highlight either the Star of the Month, Spotlight or Special Theme, or else just a daytime theme by certain classification, I suppose the movies were just presented at random without any particular order during the first month of programming. This seems likely because TCM started only midway through the month of April in 1994, and they didn’t start saluting a star of the month until the following May, and since TCM was just new at the time, I guess they just wanted to show many of the most significant films that they had the rights to back then. So I would just really like to know what movies were shown during the first three months of TCM.
  15. SummerStars

    The first actor/actress that comes to mind..

    Mickey Rooney Next: Never received a Best Actor/Best Actress Academy Award.

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