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  1. Melanie Staggs

    Interest in Cinti Backlot!

    Hello! Today, July 21st, 2019, we had 5 folks at the TCM Fathom Event showing of Glory! It was a very moving & sobering film. This was our first official Cincinnati Backlot meeting as a group! With the very busy summer activities, vacations, and heat, we had a low turn-out & 3 last minute cancellations. We began with introductions & by hearing trivia/info for the movie, Glory, then after watching the film, we all disclosed our most enjoyable movie genres & possible favorite films. Bill chose Stagecoach from 1939 with John Wayne, his wife Robyn loves the classic Casablanca, Ron spoke of seeing King Kong as a child, with nightmares to follow, Carole loves the fun & over-the-top Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame, & mine is To Kill a Mockingbird, with a moral victory seen thru' a child's eyes & inseparable music by Elmer Bernstein. Next I then discussed all of the Backlot advantages to be experienced & reviewed the online contests & discounts available to Backlot Members. Finally, we took a group photo which I'm forwarding to Backlot, & made plans for the up & coming TCM Fathom Events at our home theater at Oakley Station. A Great first gathering! Thanks to all who attended! Why not join us?! Melanie Cinti Backlot President
  2. Melanie Staggs

    Interest in Cinti Backlot!

    Hi folks! We now have a Cincinnati Backlot Chapter! Our first meeting will be on a Sunday eve in July.....stayed tuned for an exact date, time & location. Can't wait to meet you film fans! Thanks, Melanie
  3. Melanie Staggs

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Hello Cincinnati! The newest TCM Backlot Chapter is in Cincinnati, Ohio! We have a free ticket for each of our 5 new members for True Grit! If YOU want to join our Backlot Chapter, you TOO could be receiving a free ticket for these Fathom Events, once a month!! Why not attend the showing of True Grit, Wed May 8th at 7:00 pm at the Western Hills Theater on Harrison Ave.? We would love to meet potential new members! Thanks, Melanie For more info, contact:
  4. Melanie Staggs

    Cincinnati Backlot Submitted!

    Hurray! Cincinnati Backlot has now been submitted as a CHAPTER!!! TCM will be in touch with us soon! Let's talk about getting together to perhaps discuss YOUR very favorite movie....and why! Thanks! If you are interested in joining our new chapter, please contact me:
  5. Melanie Staggs

    Cincinnati Chapter..Let's Get Going!!!

    CINCINNATI CHAPTER TCM BACKLOT just submitted today!!! They will be in touch with us soon. Thanks to all who hung in there & expressed interest! ANYONE ELSE who is me:
  6. Melanie Staggs

    Cincinnati Chapter! Need One More Email!

    Great News!! We are FINALLY submitted as a TCM BACKLOT Chapter for CINCINNATI! TCM will be in touch with us soon! Thank you to ALL who expressed interest. Let's get together soon after we become official....everyone, maybe think about your very favorite movie & share why! Thanks again, Melanie
  7. Melanie Staggs

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Great news!!@#*!!! We are FINALLY submitted as a chapter!!! TCM will be in touch with us soon! Thank you Jason, Carole, Marty, & Lisa!!! Melanie
  8. Melanie Staggs

    Cincinnati Chapter! Need One More Email!

    Hi HomeCinemaNerd, I now have myself & 3 others for our Cinti Chapter. With you, that makes five! So do you want to submit us as a chapter or shall I? I am happy to do so if you will send me your email address. I assure you, it is correct & it works, as all three of the others have emailed me at:
  9. Melanie Staggs

    Atlanta TCM Backlot Chapter

    Hi TCMBacklotATL We are almost there with 5 Backlot members to get our Cincinnati Chapter going. Do you guys have any advice for a first gathering or meeting to help us get the ball rolling? I have posted on the Cinti-Northern Kentucky Backlot Message Board about Fathom Events, like To Kill a Mockingbird & Ben Hur. Made suggestions to meet following the movie to discuss & organize potential members. I did gather several folks following Mockingbird in the movie lobby, collected emails & one fellow joined Backlot. Some folks even wrote down their favorite movie, so we know that there is interest! Saw your Atlanta Chapter on TCM on TV! Looks like you have a big group! Any ideas from you would be helpful, thanks, Melanie
  10. Melanie Staggs

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Hi Carole, I now have two more email addresses of Backlot members who want to start our Cincinnati Chapter! I have Marty & Lisa. So if HomeCinemaNe rd is reading this, we now have 5 people! I can submit but we need that person's email address. You, me, Lisa, Marty, & that fifth person. So someone please email me,thanks!
  11. Melanie Staggs

    Cincinnati Chapter! Need One More Email!

    Hello Folks! As of today, there are still seats available for Ben Hur Fathom Event at 1:00 Sunday April 14th at the Western Hills location. Let's meet in the lobby after the film to discuss & share trivia. (We had a nice group following To Kill a Mockingbird). We just need ONE MORE email from a local Backlot Member to Submit & start our CINCINNATI BACKLOT CHAPTER!! As a chapter, we can view films, plan field trips, have dinner & a movie, highlight YOUR favorite film(s), and make plans for group events that YOU suggest, and more! Backlot currently has a new contest to be a Guest Programmer with Ben Mankiewicz! They will fly you to Atlanta! So let's get our CHAPTER underway! Please email me:
  12. Hello folks! Please join us at the 60th Anniversary showing of Ben Hur at the Fathom Event at the Western Hills location next Sunday April 14th at 1:00. As of today, there are still seats available. Let's meet in the lobby again to discuss the film & trivia about it! We are only one email away from a Cinti Backlot Chapter....which means field trips, dinner & a movie, special highlights for YOUR favorite film, & other events that YOU suggest, as well! Hope to see you there! Thanks, Melanie'
  13. Melanie Staggs

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    Hey everyone!! Just posted about seeing To Kill a Mockingbird at the Fathom Event. Wore my TCM Backlot tee shirt! Announced to meet in the lobby afterwards, had SEVERAL people stop to chat. Encouraged Backlot membership, collected 6 email addresses, and will keep in touch to see who joins. So there is DEFINITE interest in the Cincinnati area! Members, please email me so we can start our chapter. Ben Hur is coming soon!
  14. Melanie Staggs

    Interest in Cinti Backlot!

    Hi folks! Just saw Fathom Event: To Kill a Mockingbird on the big screen! (Nearly a full house!) Wore my TCM Backlot tee shirt, made an announcement at the end to meet me in the Lobby for info on joining Backlot & starting a Cinti Chapter. SEVERAL people stopped to chat, ask questions, exchange emails, & most of them wrote down their favorite movie! We had fun discussing trivia & facts about the movie. One young man was a Fathom Event reviewer & had just seen Gone With The Wind for the first time EVER last Sunday at a Fathom Event! Many plan on going to Ben Hur! So listen up Backlot members!!! There are MANY folks interested in the Cincinnati area! Let's exchange can email me privately if you wish. If you are a Backlot member, let's start our chapter & start talking to plan our events! We need the email addresses of just 5 members to begin a chapter. We have 3, so that's just 2 more!! Please email me:
  15. Melanie Staggs

    TCM Backlot Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

    I also sent an email to carolereilly who has multiple posts here & she did reply to me via my email address listed above!

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