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  1. Walter L.

    Early Now Playing guide

  2. Walter L.

    Wheeler & Woolsey

    Is anyone following the Wheeler and Woolsey marathon to-day? I am! I won't/can't watch everything, but. I'll restrain further comment till later. So I can watch it!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Walter L.

    LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, the 1928 film novelization.

    ...I don't know whether you can find it now, but some years back I came on to a quite amusing hoax on the Internet - An argument that has only recently become lost, and it was readily available in the Sixties and Seventies...with mock vintage Blackhawk Films ad for a 16MM version and ad for a Seventies film society showing!!!!!!!
  4. Walter L.

    The Worst Thing In A Movie!!

    ...Was this version ever seen in any form? DVD extra? Bootlegged?
  5. ...The OP here showed his position immediately by saying " Democrat Party " rather that " DemocratIC Party " - not to mention he/is lack of grammar!!!!!!! Referring to the DemocratIC Party as the " Democrat Party " goes back at least to Trump's old buddy, Roy Cohn. Just recently, I saw Sarah Huckabee Sanders, trying to walk back from having been revealed in the Mueller Report to have lied about all the vast number of FBI agents who contacted her to did James Comey, was on Faux News Channel saying " At least I'm not like the Democrat Party..." Is this so indelibly part of the Republican operative " Things to say to amp up our base " playbook? You'll recall that GW Bush"s people used that too...even though he and Trump hate each other! Doesn't the OP have enough faith in the substance of his argument to say " DemocratIC Party ", the proper - thus conservative - spelling? And, yes! I wrote " Faux News " above to make a point...Admittedly, " nyah-nyaaah " words can be fun.
  6. Walter L.

    " The Green Pastures ", Sunday

    ...Do you think TCM will ever show 1951's YES SIR, MR. BONES then? On another level, if HOLIDAY INN'S blackface number makes it questionable for you - for " A" pictures from the same period, how do you feel about BABES ON BROADWAY and THIS IS THE ARMY?
  7. Walter L.

    Hey, Canadians...

    ...That reminds me of an American-produced film about Canadians that I caught a bit of on AMC in the 90s. It was a war film, a d at one point a military character said this immortal ine or similar to another: military: " Captain, no!!!!! They're just a bunch of farm kids from the fields of Saskatchewan and Alberta!!! " Really getting literal/spelling it out! I later saw that that film was a product of the pre-Peatl Harbor time so that might explain why the film so played to Our Neighbor Up North. Weren't there a number of such films made in Hollywood pre-12/7/41? " A Yank In The RCAF " and suchlike.
  8. Walter L.

    " The Green Pastures ", Sunday

    ...I looked it up and saw that there were 2 59s TV versions, both for Hallmark Hall of Fame, 2 years apart in 1957 and 1959 IIRC. Which one do you have? Is it B&W? That's late enough that I guess, as a " special "show, it could be in color.
  9. ...Well, I see that TCM has streched their " brand " to include cruises, and, perhaps most money-making, selling not old movies-related cooking, decorating, item s at Shop TCM - though I haven't gone there yet.
  10. Walter L.

    Shorts missing from schedule

    ...I have a quite cheap phone with I think little room for apps on it. I can check the TCM schedule which lists these shorts " analog "-style.
  11. Walter L.

    " The Green Pastures ", Sunday

    ...More or less s comment. That it might be a disliked/objection registered by many today. Wasn't there an early-days-of-TV live production of it (perhaps no kinescopes) too?
  12. Walter L.

    Bette Davis' daughter talks about witchcraft

    ...Even though she knows it's strictly taboo? Oh, sorry, that was ANITHER classic star who - allegedly - had connections to " the dark side ":-)! B.D. got married at 26? Did her mother, then, have her come out naked at the stroke of midnight after three sisters stirred the cauldron going " Double, double, toil and trouble..."?!!
  13. ...What are the " Five AMC Movies " you are referring to?
  14. ...I remember seeing MARY POPPINS at five - I think - on a big trip in from suburbia to the Radio City Music Hall in NYC and a couple of other early movie excursions, 5-6. I imagine this is not uncommon. So, someone who was 5-6 in 1929-30 could have seen it and be alive today, like the recent deceases Stan Lee, who was born in 1924 !s was .y - love g since deceased - late father ) - Or, even have been - a decade-and-a-half, anyway (stretching probability, obviously) - with 112-114 being pretty much the established absolute upper limit for living known to have happened in modern, scientific, times - Someone could still be around - maybe - who saw TGDOB as a teenager. At another classic movies board s ways ago the subject of the notoriously " naughty " " movie that brought on the Code " CONVENTION CITY came up and one quite older poster grew up in NYC and said he was a great fan of Dick Powell then and saw every movie he made then do he was sure that he saw it...but he didn't remember seeing it!!!!!:-(
  15. I see that " THE GREEN PASTURES is showing Easter morning, presumably Easter+inspired. I'm.a bit suprised they feel the can show it at all!

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