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    Everything classic film related, film history, film studies, classic TV, art, books, music, & hockey. My film favorites: Hitchcock, film noir, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, James Dean, & Monty Clift.

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  1. Classic_blanca

    Pittsburgh chapter?

    @scifiradioguy Gibsonia?! Holy heck, you and I a pretty much neighbors. I'm in Pine! This is crazy finding TCM fanatics in my backyard!? So cool!
  2. Classic_blanca

    Backlot local chapter - Three Rivers, Pittsburgh Pa.

    I'm interested, I already said hey in this other Pittsburgh chapter thread too that I linked below. If you need a hand I can help in any way needed too. Event cordination, graphic desgn, web design, product design, social media. And if you need a theater that shows primarily classics (IDK what the theater criteria are), there are several small historic repertory/art house ones near the general city area which are probably nice and central. I can list for you.
  3. Classic_blanca

    Pittsburgh chapter?

    Here, here! I know there's certainly lots of spots where a Pittsburgh or South Western PA chapter could have outings at, lots of local theaters show classics, we have a couple film related museums too. This is a great area for a chapter.

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