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    Question in regards to the Hal Roach library on TCM

    Absolutely. A Hal Roach saturday--that would be so great, TCM, are you listening. They could tack (at the beginning) some of the better cartoon of that time (Paramount's Betty Boops, or Ising cartoons) and then a couple of hours of Roach shorts. Oh, they are so great--we're waiting, TCM. Philip Los Angeles
  2. pathposter

    The End Is Near

    Bye Bye Birdie, again??!!! Programming is getting as bad as it can get. Why is Time Warner determined to play these titles. Are they trying to sell more of these titles at the store? Forget it!. And another thing, TCM continues to blast their commericals for their Silent Film Score contest--but they don't want to be caught dead running a silent movie this month on prime time. This is really hypocritical. I don't think I can stand anymore of this Academy Award month--looks like we are left with the worst of the Academy instead of the best. Are the programmers aware that the Oscars have been given out since 1927? Come on TCM, show some vintage titles--PLEASE!??!! Pathposter Los Angeles
  3. pathposter

    Warren William

    You are so right Alix, I have admired this man for years by attending countless L.A. screenings but it wasn't until TCM unveiled his entire output of films did I really appreciate what a fine actor he was. Ever see "Employee Entrance"!!-his greatest film performance. Show it, TCM, is a Warner's title. And show "The Mouthpiece" again--on prime time! Philip Pathposter
  4. pathposter

    Miyazaki Anime

    Well, I for one am tired of the Miyazaki festval and would be fine if I didn't see another (especially after last night's Princess). On the other hand I am really unhappy that the Kay Francis film festival was held starting at 3:00 AM (three o'clock in the morning!!!)-now, that is not the way to pay tribute to Kay in LOS ANGELES! Please, please, please re-show these films at a decent hour!! Kay Francis Fan in L.A. Philip Pacheco
  5. pathposter

    Pillow To Post

    Did anyone see Ida Lupino in "Pillow to Post"? It was a gem! One more reason why TCM is like your own private film festival. This film was a complete surprise and worthy of inclusion on any study of Lupino and, especially for any study on this genre. Lupino was sensational. And funny, it was very funny (it was screened before Midnight PST last night-part of Dandrige retrospect) BTW, the script was co-penned by Christopher Isherwood. This is a real discovery-please play it again, TCM. THANK YOU TCM! Pathposter Philip Pacheco Los Angeles
  6. pathposter

    song from Silent Sundays

    Me too! This has been the program that sold me on TCM-I hope they never do away with the program intro. The new skyscraper program ID is superb-if you haven't seen it--watch for it.

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