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  1. bentleyd


    hello all, I'm willing to co-lead a NE OHIO chapter with someone. I see there is plenty of interest. So let's MOVIE!! Contact me here or at my email:
  2. bentleyd

    TCM Backlot Northeast Ohio

    good afternoon all, I'm willing to co-lead a chapter with someone. I've posted more info in another thread. My email is Let's get this chapter started!! thanks, Ben
  3. bentleyd

    TCM Backlot chapter Northeast Ohio

    Hello Jill. My name is Ben and I'm willing and able to co-lead a group in NE OHIO. there are a few others who are willing to be apart. For more info look for my previous post. Thanks! I hope we can get this going before the end of the year.
  4. bentleyd

    Northeastern Ohio Chapter

    Hi Eileen and others, I'm following up on my message from a couple of months ago. My name is Ben and my email is More importantly, I'm willing to co-lead a Cleveland chapter with you or someone else so we can get this going soon. The requirements to form a chapter are not difficult and therefore we should be able to do this with ease. I'm hoping we'll be able to get this going before the year is out. Cinemark Valley View seems like a good location. Does this work for others? Hopefully, we can meet up at a coffee house to begin planning our chapter and what's needed. Please contact me via this stream or by email. Be sure to add TCM chapter launch in the subject line. Thanks everyone!
  5. bentleyd

    Northeastern Ohio Chapter

    Hi Eileen, I'm willing to join and participate in whatever way I can. My name is Bentley and my email is I'm about 20 minutes for Cinemark Valley View but that's fine. I saw an earlier stream of this were other names and emails were included. Should we contact them? Ben

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