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  1. Norma Talmadge, Constance Talmadge, and Marion Davies were all major real estate investors in 1920s southern California. Gloria Swanson once owned a company that patented inventions. Viola Dana and her sister Shirley Mason owned beauty shops in 1920s Los Angeles. William Haines had a famous interior design company from the 1930s til his death. I believe Kay Francis owned a business school franchise. Richard Barthelmess was also famous for his real estate investments. Colleen Moore was a stock broker.
  2. why is anyone making a film about a draft-dodging traitor?
  3. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Stevie was given a very limited release in the USA in late 1978, but only on the West Coast to qualify for Oscars. Over two years later, it was shown theatrically on the East Coast and proved a big hit with critics, going on to win many awards, including 2 acting awards from the New York Film Critics. A botched Oscar campaign, yet the film won recognition from Golden Globes.
  4. UMO1982

    Diahann Carroll Has Died

    Obit on Variety
  5. UMO1982

    Pie A La Mode who has seen this one
  6. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Part of the problem is that it's almost all dialog and takes place almost entirely in their suburban London home. But Jackson and Washbourne are magnificent. The film is rather bleak but has a vein of black humor. Hackson recites the poem "Do Take Muriel Out." Do take Muriel out She is looking so glum Do take Muriel out All her friends have gone. And after too much pressure Looking for them in the Palace She goes home to too much leisure And this is what her life is. All her friends are gone And she is alone And she looks for them where they have never been And her peace is flown. Her friends went into the forest And across the river And the desert took their footprints And they went with a believer. Ah they are gone they were so beautiful And she can not come to them And she kneels in her room at night Crying, Amen. Do take Muriel out Although your name is Death She will not complain When you dance her over the blasted heath.
  7. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    One of my favorite Glenda Jackson films is the little-seen Stevie. She plays Brit poet Stevie Smith, a mousy little thing who lives were her spinster aunt (Mona Washbourne). Her voice is addictive. Wonderful film, detailing the mental decline of a woman who's maybe missed out on a life.
  8. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Yes it's a TV movie.......
  9. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Glenda Jackson in Elizabeth Is Missing image sharing sites
  10. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Those of who saw Glenda Jackson in the Masterpiece Theater mini Elizabeth R were riveted by her electrifying performance. Her early films often repeated this level of energy but those kinds of roles were few and far between. Women in Love is a fabulous film. I think it stands up well. As for her win for A Touch of Class, it's a very good rom-com. Barbra Streisand should have won for The Way We Were but that film was botched in the editing room and portions of it make no sense.
  11. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Glenda had a spotty career and made a lot of films that went nowhere in the US. Yet her range of performances in films like Women in Love, House Calls, A Touch of Class, Mary Queen of Scots, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Stevie, The Music Lovers, and an hilarious cameo in The Boy Friend made her a top star for about a decade. She earned two other best actress nominations in addition to her two wins.
  12. UMO1982

    Glenda Jackson Returns

    Two-time Oscar winner Glenda Jackson hadn't made a theatrical or TV film since 1992. After a career in politics followed by some stage work, she's back before the cameras for a British TV movie called Elizabeth Is Missing.
  13. UMO1982


    JUDY took another big dump. Dropped 56.3% from Sunday to Monday.
  14. UMO1982


    and according to Box Office Mojo.... the film plummeted 34.5% from Saturday to Sunday taking in $795,766. Not a good sign for this week's expansion. We'll see if they scale back the planned expansion to 1,400 theaters.
  15. UMO1982


    "Boosted by Oscar talk for Zellweger’s portrayal of the famed entertainer, “Judy” struck a chord with moviegoers and collected a promising $3 million. That haul is especially impressive considering it opened in just 461 North American theaters, translating to $6,705 from each location and marking the highest screen average of the weekend. If its limited debut is any indication, “Judy” could end up in the category of prestige films that are both loved and seen. Next weekend, the musical biopic will expand to 1,400 to 1,500 screens." This article from Variety misinforms. Notice the info of $6,705 and implying that was the per screen info. That was the TOTAL of three days, not a daily per screen average. The article also blatantly lies by saying the film had the highest per screen total. It did not. ABOMBINABLE had a much higher "screen average." This can be checked on Box Office Mojo website. It's been a long time since I've since sources like Variety use studio hype to boost a film in place of facts. A "per screen" average is always given as a daily, not by lumping 3 days together as a total and called a "screen average." Screen averages per day were FRI $1,958; SAT $2,638 and SUN $2,110. Look it up.

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