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  1. if I remenber well, the lady in the carriage smiling at him in the very last scene was his then wife Nora Eddington.
  2. Stanley Baker,did he ever get a suts day? I do not remember
  3. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    14 HOURS directed by Henry Hathaway Fox Film 1951 92min Suicide attempt in a NYC high rise building.Paul Douglas,Richard Basehart,Barbara Bel Geddes,Jeffrey Hunter,Debra Paget,Howard Da Silva,Agnes Moorehead,Grace Kelly's first feature film.Excellent cast,good story,almost a Noir film. 8/10
  4. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    Watched Dubarry was a lady 1943- I usually ignore musicals unless they are in the filmography of actors-actresses I complete-I do not complete Lana Turner even if I have seen almost all her films -shehas a 10 second bit in the film-i must admit Lucille Ball in Technicolor was outstanding,very beautiful redhair,i do not care too much for her films i recorded it in the hope of seeing Inez Cooper-she was a Hedy Lamarr lookalike in the early 40's-it actually more or less ruined her career or was it the other way around? I do not know but the 10 seconds of Inez Cooper in Technicolor was formidable.
  5. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    FRENCH DRESSING 1964 directed by Ken Russell-his big screen debut,a little seaside village wants to be well known and decides to hold a film festival.Good comedy-satire with Marisa Mell,James Booth, Roy Kinnear among others.98 minutes 7.75/10 I do not know if this film was ever shown on TCM.
  6. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    THE CRIMINAL 1960 directed by Joseph Losey AKA THE CONCRETE JUNGLE.In the UK,Stanley Baker is pulling a racetrack robbery.Very good cast Nigel Green,Patrick Magee,Sam Wanamaker etc Baker is excellent as usual,a stalwart leading man, good in every type of role approx 97 min.I do not know if this film was ever shown on TCM 8/10
  7. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    A KIND OF LOVING 1962 directed by John Schlesinger.Early Alan Bates film very good interesting story,a mature film quite different than Blue Denim, a great important early 60's film.8.5/10 Approx 113 min.I do not know if it was ever shown on TCM.
  8. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    ERA NOTTE A ROMA aka ESCAPE BY NIGHT 1960 by Roberto Rossellini little known film by Rossellini,3 allied war prisonners escaped and are hidden by a local couple in Rome just before Anzio in march 1944.approx 150 minutes Leo Genn,Renato Salvatori and Giovanna Ralli,good period film 7.75/10
  9. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    THE SMALL BACK ROOM AKA HOUR OF GLORY 1949 directed by Michael Powell powerful drama set in wartime England in 1943,David Farrar plays an explosive expert with a big alcool problem and fighting the red tape in the military department,stellar cast with the usual great British actors:Jack Hawkins,R.Morley,C.Cusack,Leslie Banks,Michael Gough ,the beautiful Kathleen Byron and David Farrar are outstanding.I do not know if this film was shown on TCM before ,an excellent print 106 minutes 8.5/10
  10. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    Senso 1954 by Luchino Visconti restored version with a striking Alida Valli,Farley Granger was he a reddish type of guy? Any way he has reddish tones on his hair.117 minutes great histic melodrama set in 1860 wartime between Italy and Austria, Zeffirelli was assistant director on this one with several others.Beautiful technicolor 8/10
  11. nakano


    Alfred Lunt and CNN'S Jake Tapper
  12. Thin Lizzy anything with John Sykes on guitar from 1981-83 I think including Life the live lp with a stunning Cold Sweat other wise 1976-77 Jailbreak as for the MC5 I had Back in the USA,Kick out the Jams and High Time,the last one is really bad, first 2 are allright but nothing special imo but many bands during that time were better than the MC5...
  13. nakano

    Ed Wood (1994)

    Seen it when it came out,great black & white.
  14. Berthe Morisot 2012 by Caroline Champetier with Marine Delterme released in Japan but to tv in Europe.Beautiful film on a section of the life of impressionist painter Berthe Morisot-covers about 10-15 years- she was the first woman admitted in the original club of the impressionist group her relation with Edouard Manet is extensive in the film.Very good to know her work and style,i looked for her on the internet,quite exquisite work.8/10
  15. I hope it is ok to recommend a film released before 2017. Noyade Interdite 1987 aka Widow's Walk from Pierre Granier-Deferre with Philippe Noiret,Guy Marchand, Marie Trintignant and others.Very good cop movie,2 cops who do not like each other are in a beach resort,4 murders in 4 days.a genuine surprise ending prefigures a big hit (1991) by several years.You will guess it when you will see it..8/10
  16. I read the book The Kid Stays In The Picture many years ago and it is a fascinating read
  17. nakano

    Comcast moved TCM to Sports/Entertainment Package

    to NIPKOWDISC Last night's schedule: Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965) <gap> Son of Godzilla (1967) (P) Destroy All Monsters (1969) Ghoulies (1985) Did anyone watch during the "gap" to see what was actually broadcast? They actually showed Hot Spell in 3D,but not in Canada due to rights issues TCM Canada showed the EXTENDED Dracula aka Horror of Dracula with the e😂xtra 30 seconds ending i think it was also a premiere.... 😂
  18. nakano

    Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette ils ont jugés la Reine 2018 incredibly good film made for tv but probably released in European countries.You discover how the trial was tricked, her lawyers were arrested etc based on newly discovered original period documents.Very good cast if some viewers understand French or with subtitles if available.I highly recommends.8/10
  19. AMOUR 2012 Jean Louis Trintignant Emmanuelle Riva Isabelle Huppert.Film won Palme d'Or at Cannes.Moving film about an octogenarian couple,Trintignant and Riva were both in their 80's then.Huppert is the daughter.Wife had a stroke,we see the husband taking care of her.en excellent film 8/10
  20. nakano

    Ginger Baker 1939 to 2019

    I checked Wiki like you did,the truth finally came out around 2013,for more than 40 years Baker never denied the thing(unless he mentioned it in his bio book in 2009) It was what we could call now an urban legend but it endured and can be found on many websites even, now his daughter Nettie looked a lot like the 11 year old on the cover which helped the story I presume.
  21. nakano

    Ginger Baker 1939 to 2019

    I totally agree with you,i did not see your post before I posted mine, he influenced every rock drummer and he influenced the ones who are now an influence...
  22. nakano

    Ginger Baker 1939 to 2019

    Just found out about it,he was my favorite drummer,Cream was the only artist I was born too early to have seen in concert,i saw everybody else many times but not Cream.When a friend of mine called me up & told me they were playing MSG in October 2005 in NYC,I decided to go right away,first concerts in 5 years for me,after like 2000 shows I 'retired' in early 2000 but for Cream i decided to go all the way to NYC. I saw the last 2 shows,liked them very much,Jack Bruce had health problems but they played very well.Clapton wrote in his bio he did the gigs for the 2 others as they were not as lucky as he was financially.The 3 shows grossed about $11 millions a lot of $ at the time,they must have net 5$ millions.Ginger Baker was a jazz drummer,one of first to use a double bass drum in concert-I think Keith Moon used it also-the era of the drum solos started,few were good at it.He made it till 80..which is amazing he was a heavy boozer and had a severe heroin addiction.On the cover of the Blind Faith only album, the nubile little girl on the cover was his daughter,the cover was changed for American release, many years later it was restored in Canada .A very good musician.The last 2 Cream concerts are still the last shows I went to-14 years! now i'am really retired from rock shows...
  23. La Dentelliere 1976 aka the Lacemaker by Claude Goretta excellent drama with a young isabelle Huppert -23 then-with altready 25 films under her belt at the time,she delivered a masterful performance. 8.5/10
  24. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    Against the Wind 1948 British movie by Charles Crichton with Simone Signoret,James Robertson Justice Robert Beatty.I do not know if it was ever showed on TCM.Good spy story set in wartime Belgium.Good Cast. 7/10
  25. nakano

    Paul Muni the anti movie star

    Jack Warner to Hal Wallis on Paul Muni about Pasteur :Who would want to see a movie about a chemist?” or the New York office “Who'd want to see a picture about pasteurized milk? And after the release Warner said:Every time Paul Muni parts his beard and looks through a microscope, we lose a million dollars.".

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