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    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    So sad,he was a classy host,what i liked about his intros, he never repeated the same anecdotes or gossip on the movie when it was shown again,always fresh,he was a superb professional.Well Bob,you are in good company wherever you are.
  2. nakano

    What Are You Watching Now?

    You will discover plenty of info if you ever get the 2 dvd edition with comments by Roger Ebert and Peter Bogdanovitch,2 separate comments, Roger Ebert commentary is a fantastic one, almost scene by scene
  3. All reviews are terrible....i have seen 88 of his films..i will have to see it anyway,i have a problem with his movies from the last 20 years,he is too prolific and he has a more limited choice of roles due to his age but he should be much more selective.
  4. I have a great hardcover book on Michael Curtiz titled -gasp- The Casablanca Man, a definitive book on him, worth looking for.
  5. I just checked the original january2006 schedule,i was under the impression they showed everything except Letty,finally they showed 49 films but not ONCE MORE, MY DARLING.
  6. Robert was star of the month in january 2006 if i remember well,TCM showed all his films except for Letty Linton,i like him very much,he deserves another shot for sure.
  7. Really? i will have to watch it again as i thought she wrote it before she went on the final car ride.
  8. nakano

    The flaw in Citizen Kane (1941)

    an important scene for me in the movie is when he meets Susan Alexander for the first time and he told her he was on his way to a warehouse to look for souvenirs of his youth or somehing like that,probably for his sleigh.,it represents the happiest period of his lfe.
  9. i had a problem about the ending for several years about what will happen to Stewart's character,but last year i noticed the letter Novak wrote at her desk few hours before leaving with him,si i can speculate the cops would look at her appartment and find the letter in her waste basket.
  10. Bob is touring Scandinavia in april,so i guess he will pick it up while he is there.
  11. nakano

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Happy to know she is remembered on these boards,she was on French tv 2 years ago,i suggested her name a few times for aTCM interview,she speaks perfect English,she worked several years in Hollywood in the late 30's-40's,her souvenirs could have been interesting,i wish TCM would go to France to do interviews,like last year i suggested Michele Morgan and Danielle Darrieux,so sorry the Morgan interview will never happen,she was a very articulate,brilliant lady.
  12. nakano

    Zsa Zsa Gabor 1917-2016

    I did not say she was a good or great actress,even Zsa Zsa would say it herself,she never pretended to be one.
  13. nakano

    Zsa Zsa Gabor 1917-2016

    Ithought she would have made it... Zsa Zsa Gabor in her prime was absolutely gorgeous,extremely beautiful,she was very intelligent,funny and witty,despite her numerous mariages, George Sanders was her great love,she was seeing him quite often between her weddings.
  14. nakano

    So Why Not Kirk Douglas, TCM?

    i want to see Walls of Jericho badly,one of the handful i have not seen by Kirk,was it ever shown on TCM,I have been a subscriber since 2005,was it shown before?
  15. Ten Years After played Montreal twice in 1971 in april 1st time with Procol Harum with Robin Trower on guitar,and on october 29th replacing Deep Purple who had cancelled as Blackmore was sick with hepatis i think, the october show was much better than the april one,they never played again in MTLdespite 2 sold out shows,but strangely enough i had the pleasure of booking Alvin Lee with his band in october 1983,i was a small time promoter but i knew he could do the business and he did selling out the Spectrum,great souvenirs....
  16. They were in the movie,the ones i mention in the new cut were not in the original release,i liked Alvin Lee very much, they were the first rock act i saw in concert 1971.
  17. it will be interesting what the new footage will be like,Joplin,CCR,Winter .As other performers NOT in the 1st release were simply awful at Woodstock as many artists and interviews sated.
  18. nakano

    Leon Russell (1942-2016)

    Billboard said Leon Russell put the best rock show of 1973.I can tell you this in 1972 I saw many shows,and hundreds of other in the next 25 years.In the summer-fall of that year,the best shows I saw was the Stones-best rock tour ever-Led Zeppelin ,Elton John -his rock pre Caribou period,i went to see Leon at the same arena in September 72 as the others the Forum,far from sold out but ,like all the other shows I was lucky,i was always close to the stage.I had 2 records of his basically because he had great guest musicians on them but was not a fan.He gave an outstanding show,one of the best that yea.The 72-73 tour was long and a bigger grossing tour than the Stones,ok it was longer but he had a lot less overhead than the Stones,Mick Jagger mentioned it to a reporter in 1973.Leon made some career mistakes,he followed Carney with a country lp-Hank Wilson's back-it disoriented his following and then he released an lp titled Stop all that jazz-,nobody bought as everybody thought it was a jazz lp,his carrer went down after this as a very good selling recording artist.even Leon acknowledged the situation .But in 72-73 the Leon Russell show was one of the best act on the road.
  19. nakano

    "The Devil's Bride" (1968)

    I saw it on the big screen when it came out,believe me the effects were good,it was a scary movie and a very different film in the horror genre for the period,i never saw it again for more than 20 years it aged well,.One of the very best film of Christopher Lee
  20. nakano

    The Birthday Thread

    Bill Wyman bass player for the Rolling Stones 1962-92 is 80 today.
  21. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    especially if you were somebody like Greta Garbo or William Powell earning $10000 a week!
  22. nakano

    Basil, Basil, How I Love Basil!

    Henry Daniell the cold eyed ,incisve, British actor was a great villain of the movies ,he was very good in any genre,the reptilian looking actor is a favorite of mine,a great actor period..
  23. looking forward to it in december,i remember the newspapers ads when i was a kid,it seem it played a long time in a first run theatre in Montreal then.
  24. nakano

    October Schedule Up! Christopher Lee as SOTM

    Your wish came true see other thread
  25. HI ,I saw it several months ago,Gene was not well known then,it is a ok film,Chris Nyby directed it,-he did theThing in 1950,like you i want to see everything Gene Hackman was in,now if Banning could be shown it would be complete since he is retired,i was a bit disapointed by the tribute selection.

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