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  1. This is what happens when you program too many musicals ad nauseam...for the last 18 months....
  2. nakano

    R.I.P. Vanity 1959-2016

    Prince wanted her to be named Vagina but she refused and he was serious!
  3. nakano

    Movie Bibles

    everything published by McFarland in N.C. I collect them,they are simply amazing they have very complete bio books and many .many movie subjects,all their books are written by scholars.I like their old hard cover library looking editions.
  4. nakano

    Films of 2015

    unfortunately i have not seen the others,i liked Trumbo very much though.
  5. this was a real situation,it was John Barrymore who said it at a party in the mid30's
  6. nakano

    Johann W. Rush (1942-2015)

    So sorry to know this,my favorite poster is gone,i was already missing him in the last couple of months,now i know the reason,always interesting on all the topics,he did a superb thread on The Big Sleep mystery and many others.These boards needs more like him, a great loss.he did many posts but they had meat in them,always interesting,the only one where quality and quantity were even.
  7. nakano


    it might be out of subject but do you mean Fred really passed away? i was seeing less and less posts from him,he was one my favorite posters since 2005, i really hope everything is ok with him.
  8. nakano

    Films of 2015

    Cranston in Trumbo is fabulous ,he deserves to win but the lobby for the Revenant is very strong unfortunately.
  9. nakano

    Horror Film Alert!

    i saw the film on a big screen in 1969 part of a double bill i agree with Mr Lee it is the best Hammer film,it was very scary then, many years went by before i saw it again.The triangle scenes were very good and scary.
  10. nakano

    David Bowie has Died!

    i saw T.Rex on their first big North American tour in september 1972 with the then relatively unknown Doobie Brothers opening,it was far from good,nothing to compare with Bowie which i had seen every tour except the Glass Spider tour of 87 i think,Bolan had his glory in the uk and japan in 72-73 but his carrer fizzled out very quickly,when he died in 77 he was already a has been.Bowie had an incredible carrer and impact,personnally i was not fond of Young Americans and Let's dance material i like most of his output,Scary Monstersis a very underrated album.Bowie smoked 4 packs of Gitanes cigarettes a day most of his life i do not know if it is the cause of his heart ailment or his cancer but it surely did not help.My sister was involved with him many years ago,a swell guy.
  11. No,it is somebody who is having an overdose of musicals and is tired of them 2015 was the year of the musicals and of the spam fairy, i'am convinced it is related.
  12. nakano

    Chabrol's "Le Beau Serge"

    hi, i have seen it before there is many others to be shown,he is my favorite French director by far.
  13. nakano

    Chabrol's "Le Beau Serge"

    I have seen almost all Claude Chabrol's films,maybe TCM will eventually do another installment with his thrillers,his movies are always interesting,worthwhile to watch even if he was prolific he made good movies.
  14. nakano

    TCM Premieres

    I watched the movie for the first time last month because of Mitchum,i' am a completist,i never really cared much for S.McLaine even if i have seen many of her movies but i was stunned how sexy she is in this movie,she looks fantastic in it even if the outfits are a bit dated she looks terrific.
  15. nakano

    Google salutes Hedy Lamarr

    just to close this,i never said she was a great actress,my original post was in my opinion she was the most beautiful actress on the silver screen during the first half of the century,you put her in your top 3,fine with me,i always knew Bergman was a superior actress but Hedy got a raw deal with Mayer,she did a very good performance in Lady of the Tropics in 1939 with Robert Taylor but the movie bombed she was good in several others with MGM but Mayer refused to loan her out for very good parts,Her talent range is very similar to Kim Novak but Harry Cohn knew what to do with his roster.i do not say Novak and Hedy are from the same decade but similar in acting range.
  16. nakano

    Google salutes Hedy Lamarr

    hi, i know she was as you say a so-so actress,i was just mentionning her beauty,Bergman was a far superior actress, but who knows what would have happened if Hedy got these parts with these directors,her career would have not been the same.As i said Bergman was extremely beautiful,,tall and statuesque with great talent but like i said in my my own list Hedy was a perfect symetric beauty her 40's Hollywood photos were stunning..
  17. nakano

    Google salutes Hedy Lamarr

    i believe Hedy was the most beautiful actress in the first 50 years of the silver screen,her photos by Hollywood photograpjers will convince anybody,she was a favorite of them,she was a very bright lady with probably emotionnal problems i guess,hence her 6 marriages,i collected her vintage photos and iam lucky enough to have a few personnal things in my collection including 2 oil paintings by her done in the early 60's, MGM did not know what to do with her in the early 40',Mayer refused to loan her out for Casablanca,she was the first choice and it would have redirect her career,i am not certain but i think she was also offered Gaslight,both roles going to Ingrid Bergman who did great in both of them,Bergman was also a statuesque beautiful woman and a great actress.
  18. Carole Lombard was always saying or yelling ,Parnell, to Gable to make him mad,to tease or to embarrass him depending of the situation,Gable resented his stiff very much.,she knew how to touch him...
  19. nakano

    The Two Versions Of DRACULA

    Coppola's version is interesting at many levels it features every single technology available at the time and on that point is a coup de maitre,i enjoyed the movie,i saw all the Dracula movies except for the Jourdan one,i remember an excellent vampire movie done in Mexico in 57 or 58,really good i think the actor was named Robles he was the Count Duval if i remember well not Dracula but it is a fine film,i think a second one was made but i have never seen this one,TCM should try to get the 2 films for next october has an import duo.
  20. nakano

    The Two Versions Of DRACULA

    You are right,i completely forgotten Melford did the directing on the Spanish version he did a great job,the ladies in the Spanish version were somewhat more sexy if i remember well after all,there was no code in 1931,Browning movies were not that great anyway,i have seen most of them,t read his bio book etc
  21. nakano

    Sally Field and Dorian Gray

    I think Hurd was perfect for the role and extremely handsome he was considered as good looking as Tyrone Power in the Hollywood colony then.Bogarde was too young ,i am not sure if he was in movies at the time.As for Lawford,i never liked him in anything to be honest but it is a question of taste i suppose.I do not like Sally Field at all as co host,her lack of knowledge shows up too often,,well it is better than Drew Barrymore, but i think Hugh Hefner would be a great cohost,he has a lot of knowledge,he is well articulated and does a lot for movie restoration,my grain of salt.
  22. nakano

    The Two Versions Of DRACULA

    the biggest difference in the 2 versions of Dracula is in the directing,Browning made it very stagy, the Spanish director made a wonderful job,if i remenber well, the Spaniards were filming at night at the same time,Browning should have watched the Spanish rushes
  23. nakano

    TCM Premieres

    Actually,if i remember well,,McDowell came up with the Singin'in the Rain' bit during rehearsal,it was not in script.

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