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  1. to NIPKOWDISC Last night's schedule: Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965) <gap> Son of Godzilla (1967) (P) Destroy All Monsters (1969) Ghoulies (1985) Did anyone watch during the "gap" to see what was actually broadcast? They actually showed Hot Spell in 3D,but not in Canada due to rights issues TCM Canada showed the EXTENDED Dracula aka Horror of Dracula with the e😂xtra 30 seconds ending i think it was also a premiere.... 😂
  2. nakano

    Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette ils ont jugés la Reine 2018 incredibly good film made for tv but probably released in European countries.You discover how the trial was tricked, her lawyers were arrested etc based on newly discovered original period documents.Very good cast if some viewers understand French or with subtitles if available.I highly recommends.8/10
  3. AMOUR 2012 Jean Louis Trintignant Emmanuelle Riva Isabelle Huppert.Film won Palme d'Or at Cannes.Moving film about an octogenarian couple,Trintignant and Riva were both in their 80's then.Huppert is the daughter.Wife had a stroke,we see the husband taking care of her.en excellent film 8/10
  4. nakano

    Ginger Baker 1939 to 2019

    I checked Wiki like you did,the truth finally came out around 2013,for more than 40 years Baker never denied the thing(unless he mentioned it in his bio book in 2009) It was what we could call now an urban legend but it endured and can be found on many websites even, now his daughter Nettie looked a lot like the 11 year old on the cover which helped the story I presume.
  5. nakano

    Ginger Baker 1939 to 2019

    I totally agree with you,i did not see your post before I posted mine, he influenced every rock drummer and he influenced the ones who are now an influence...
  6. nakano

    Ginger Baker 1939 to 2019

    Just found out about it,he was my favorite drummer,Cream was the only artist I was born too early to have seen in concert,i saw everybody else many times but not Cream.When a friend of mine called me up & told me they were playing MSG in October 2005 in NYC,I decided to go right away,first concerts in 5 years for me,after like 2000 shows I 'retired' in early 2000 but for Cream i decided to go all the way to NYC. I saw the last 2 shows,liked them very much,Jack Bruce had health problems but they played very well.Clapton wrote in his bio he did the gigs for the 2 others as they were not as lucky as he was financially.The 3 shows grossed about $11 millions a lot of $ at the time,they must have net 5$ millions.Ginger Baker was a jazz drummer,one of first to use a double bass drum in concert-I think Keith Moon used it also-the era of the drum solos started,few were good at it.He made it till 80..which is amazing he was a heavy boozer and had a severe heroin addiction.On the cover of the Blind Faith only album, the nubile little girl on the cover was his daughter,the cover was changed for American release, many years later it was restored in Canada .A very good musician.The last 2 Cream concerts are still the last shows I went to-14 years! now i'am really retired from rock shows...
  7. La Dentelliere 1976 aka the Lacemaker by Claude Goretta excellent drama with a young isabelle Huppert -23 then-with altready 25 films under her belt at the time,she delivered a masterful performance. 8.5/10
  8. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    Against the Wind 1948 British movie by Charles Crichton with Simone Signoret,James Robertson Justice Robert Beatty.I do not know if it was ever showed on TCM.Good spy story set in wartime Belgium.Good Cast. 7/10
  9. nakano

    Paul Muni the anti movie star

    Jack Warner to Hal Wallis on Paul Muni about Pasteur :Who would want to see a movie about a chemist?” or the New York office “Who'd want to see a picture about pasteurized milk? And after the release Warner said:Every time Paul Muni parts his beard and looks through a microscope, we lose a million dollars.".
  10. nakano

    Lee Grant

    Lee Grant in her prime,at around 40-45.Beautiful woman indeed...
  11. I remember something Gene Hackman said' I wanted to do meaningful films,i did Scarecrow and it died-1973.After that one I looked at the paycheck ONLY. Hackman turned down many good movies for money reasons, I have 1 or 2 films of his to see as I am a completist.He did many turkeys believe me like Loose Cannons,Welcome to Mooseport etc.I agree with Scorcese I will never see a Marvel hero movie-no interest at all,but I will see Joker as it will be different,it will probably have a Oscar or Golden Globe buzz.If so I will watch the Golden Globes only if Phoenix is nominated as I have no interest in watching the overrated Tom Hanks receiving the De Mille Award...
  12. Les Risques du Métier 1967 by André Cayatte an excellent director,one of his best films,movie début of Jacques Brel,an excellent performance,teacher accused by students.8/10
  13. La **** 1984 directed by Christine Pascal with Isabelle Huppert and Richard Berry.Little known movie Huppert is a femme fatale for 2 men,1 ex cop the other a mob boss.As usual excellent acting by Berry and Huppert,a modern film Noir, I highly recommend.
  14. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    Josephine and Men 1955 produced by John Boulting directed by his brother Roy Boulting.I do not know if it was ever shown on TCM.Nice British romantic comedy with very good cast:Glynis Johns,Peter Finch and a very funny performance by Jack Buchanan.Awesome Technicolor by Gilbert Taylor,Glynis Johns is very beautiful in the pastels of Technicolor. 7/10
  15. nakano

    Noir Alley

    it is excellent as everything Ken Burns does on film,i watched it all, I was fascinated by Earl Scruggs who I knew of by name, my knowledge of Bluegrass is minimal,iam a baby boomer with great knowledge in rock,blues,folk but never bought a country record,except the 1st Johnny Cash lp on Sun more rockabilly than country,i agree with what you post,except less Yoakam as is importance and more Waylon Jennings would have been appreciated.As usual Peter Coyote does a great jobas a narrator,he has a marvellous voice,he is now part of Ken Burns's stock company I would say he did the Vietnam War,Prohibition etc 3 or 4 movie for Burns,Coyote has a lot of gigs as a narrator, his voice embellish every documentary he is narrating.
  16. nakano

    Noir Alley

    it was straight from John Huston's eulogy for Bogie,i used the last phrase myself for a friend of mine who died too soon15 years ago.i liked the last phrase we were both young 'He is quite irreplaceable. There will never be another like him.' — from John Huston’s eulogy for Humphrey Bogart
  17. I did the same but I used fast forward for Hotel Monterey,i hoped to see Greta Garbo coming out the elevator dressed as a bag lady going for her walk...
  18. Im Labyrinth des Schweigens 2014 Le Labyrinthe du Silence German film with French subtitles showed at 2 American festivals as Labyrinth of Lies, not released in the USA, limited release in Canada.Very good film story happens between 1958 and 1963,there in no timeline per se.Prosecutor starts a case on Nazis by fluke,discover nobody in Germany is aware of Auschwitz,was not really aware himself...very good story based on real people and facts.8/10
  19. nakano

    Noir Alley

    Before the showing of Woman on the Beach tonight I hope Eddie Mueller will mention this thing in last week's Nocturne, the movie playing in Nocturne at the Pantages-WOTB-was not out for a year.Due to many reshoots asked by RKO,it was released during the summer of 1947 almost a year after Nocturne..
  20. I think we have not seen everything by Mrs Akerman Hotel Monterey tonight has a lot of promises I found a synopsis. 'The film consists of a series of silent long takes shot in a hotel in New York City. Shots are meticulously staged to create visual patterns and optical illusions as the film slowly explores several different parts of the hotel, ranging from austere and claustrophobic basement corridors to busy skylines shot from the rooftop. '.Wow I think I will record it and see it in fast forward, the film is 62 minutes,it should not be in the Essentials, Silent Sunday was a perfect match...incredibly dreadful movies,terrible..
  21. I did the same thing ,it saved a lot of precious time,movie lasted like 45-55 minutes...
  22. But by Akerman it would be mesmerizing...
  23. Eddie Mueller does fantastic work on a subject he knows very well and I think he is great,but he has less intros to do....the other mc,s -Ben and mr.Karger -not sure of his name- just do regular stuff,what Ben adds on is fairly predictable.What I liked about Robert Osborne,he never repeated an intro for the same movie,he always added new tidbits about it,Ben and others should compile the Osborne intros in TCM vaults if there is such a thing,it should be reused again so TCM could save on writers
  24. nakano

    I Just Watched...

    La Mort en ce Jardin AKA Death in the Garden by Luis Bunuel 1956 very accessible film by Bunuel with great cast Simone Signoret,George Marchal Michel Piccoli and Charles Vanel, excellent cinematography,a bank robber flee through the jungle in South America with 3 others,the army is after them.8/10

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