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  1. Iguess it must be a question of rights but what is the story for The Perfect Specimen a Michael Curtiz film with Errol Flynn and Joan Blondell? I have been with TCM for almost 14 years never seen it here,nowhere,finally found an unofficial link on a download place,incredibly enough the copy I got has a PERMANENT TCM logo on it! Was it shown in the early days of TCM or was it shown on an European TCM? Finally was it ever shown on TCM US?
  2. nakano

    Finally saw CITIZEN KANE on DVD last night...

    The 2 dvd set has fantastic commentary by Roger Ebert and another by Peter Bogdanovitch,the Ebert comments are simply phenomenal,it gives a real perspective of the impact of Citizen Kane on the movie industry,ok the gross was not good,thanks to Hearst but whoever was working on films were flabbergasted,the special 2 dvd set is a must.
  3. nakano

    Hef is Gone

    He had to surrender it because his company went bankrupt,it was a corporate account....
  4. nakano

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Too bad I missed it I finally got TCM in june 2006,Hef would have been great as mc for Silent Sundays, with his pajama ,his great love for silent films he would have been the perfect choice,a great American icon is gone and now he will rest next to Marylin Monroe,a great life and a fabulous afterlife!
  5. nakano

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Yes he did an awful lot for film restoration,he would have been a great interview with R Osborne or even as a guest on the Essentials,he had prodigious knowledge to share,he was also an innovator, his club in Chicago I think was the first one to accept Afro American freely,well at 91 he had a great life.
  6. nakano

    Who Is This?

    Ty Power SR ashes were buried at The Ile Aux Noix Quebec,he was an excellent painter i have seen several of his paintings,which were attributed to Tyrone Power 1914-1958- a mistake as the paintings were dated 1923,the gallery had the wrong birthdate,not knowing who was his son,by the way when Tyrone Power died in 1958,His mother never found out.She died on September 29, 1959 in Canterbury, N.H., at the home of her daughter, never knowing that her son had preceded her in death, as her family had felt that the shock would be too great for her.
  7. Yes,indeed, it is the director's cut release.
  8. nakano

    Top Stars of the 1940s - statistically

    Arturo,i totally agree,France still use the paid admission system to determine a movie top draw,we should do the same so the dollars would not be the only crowning factor.
  9. Frank Zappa did the music score,one of his very early works,before The Mothers of Invention.
  10. nakano

    Golden age: Roll call

    Burt Lancaster deserved the Oscar for Atlantic City,another fantastic performance from him,Hank Fonda got it but i guess the Academy was influenced by his condition,well,my point of view at the time,i saw both movies when they were released.Burt should have won.
  11. The story was revealed in a bio of Nathalie Wood -since her name is mentionned-in the early 2000-2006 MAYBE. .a great book by the way,the actor producer was not revealed except by his familiar grin,there was really 2 choices in the mid 50's Burt or Kirk,who were both actor-producer at the time,a not common situation then.The name was not revealed because he was still alive when the book was published .The choice of Burt was quickly dismissed as he died in 1994.In the Ragman`s Son,a book i read about 10 times,i looked then for his comments on Nathalie Wood,one line is ALL.he says about her if i remember well as i verified this more than 10 years ago.I think Lana Wood said something about it to confirm this story.I do not know about the other lady mentionned.Like John Frankenheimer once said::`,Kirk wanted to be Burt Lancaster all his life`.
  12. nakano

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    French actor Victor Lanoux died today ,he was 80 years old.
  13. Caine disliked very much The Hand,he could not turn down a movie as he grew up very poor,he was financially insecure and i think still is,despite owning many properties,6 restaurants etc,i have seen 115 of his movies so far but his batting average is ok.
  14. nakano

    Bette and Joan

    Kirk Douglas was `'ìnvited' to her house as she was doing for promising 1946 he went there in his bio he mentions she had very firm and trim body,Joan always took care of herself.
  15. nakano

    Musician J. Geils (1946-2017)

    If you have the chance to listen to their 1973 live album Full House,iam sure you will like it,the songs are not at all like the late seventies early 80`s stuff,but the enregy of the band and the repertory will make you a fan of their earlier career,if you have to own one out of the first 4 this is the one.
  16. nakano

    Musician J. Geils (1946-2017)

    Full House is one the best live album released in the 70`S, a great decade for live lps:The Stones,The WHO etc personally around the late 70's it was all over as a great blues-rock band,Too many bad albums and also a different style was not my cup of tea,if I remember well the first 4 are excellent
  17. nakano

    *CANDIDS* 2

    I read in some bio book -do not remember which one,read too many,- Gable and Cooper were missionary only!
  18. My favorite score for a Western is Jerome Moross's The Big Country a wonderful score.
  19. nakano

    Rain (1932)

    and she was absolutely stunning in the movie,if she was not the most gorgeous of the silent era she must have been very close for the title...
  20. nakano

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    So sad,he was a classy host,what i liked about his intros, he never repeated the same anecdotes or gossip on the movie when it was shown again,always fresh,he was a superb professional.Well Bob,you are in good company wherever you are.
  21. nakano

    What Are You Watching Now?

    You will discover plenty of info if you ever get the 2 dvd edition with comments by Roger Ebert and Peter Bogdanovitch,2 separate comments, Roger Ebert commentary is a fantastic one, almost scene by scene
  22. All reviews are terrible....i have seen 88 of his films..i will have to see it anyway,i have a problem with his movies from the last 20 years,he is too prolific and he has a more limited choice of roles due to his age but he should be much more selective.
  23. I have a great hardcover book on Michael Curtiz titled -gasp- The Casablanca Man, a definitive book on him, worth looking for.
  24. I just checked the original january2006 schedule,i was under the impression they showed everything except Letty,finally they showed 49 films but not ONCE MORE, MY DARLING.
  25. Robert was star of the month in january 2006 if i remember well,TCM showed all his films except for Letty Linton,i like him very much,he deserves another shot for sure.

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