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  1. N O I R

    Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    There’s a new movie coming out called “Jojo Rabbit”. Even though it isn’t really an educational film teaching about WW2, it’s entertaining and has a pretty funny portrayal of hitler. if you want an education portrayal, I recommend Downfall
  2. N O I R

    best romantic comedy ever?

    Libeled Lady, Roman Holiday, and (I’m not sure if this counts as a romantic comedy but whatever lol) Love Finds Andy Hardy
  3. N O I R

    Who would you marry?

    1920’s-Rudolph Valentino 1950’s-Scotty Beckett 1960/1970’s-Patrice Alexsandre 1980/1990’s-Nicholas Rowe 2010’s-James Melville
  4. If you went back in time to see a certain movie which is currently lost, what would it/they be? Here the films I’d love to see: The Varmint (1917) Michael O’Holloran (1948) Murder at Monte Carlo (1935) Convention City (1933) London After Midnight (1927) The Patriot (1928) Chikara to onna no yo no naka (1933)
  5. N O I R

    favourite classic French thrillers/noirs

    Napoleon from 1927 along with The Murderer Lives at Number 21 were pretty good.
  6. N O I R

    Childhood Favorites

    The Wizard of Oz The Sound of Music Heaven Knows, Mr Allison Guys and Dolls
  7. N O I R

    Your 3 Favorite Films of All-Time

    Sunset Boulevard Rebel Without a Cause These Wilder Years

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