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  1. Geniebeanie

    Silent Fims

    I would be really happy if they made a box set of the Gish Sisters movies.
  2. Geniebeanie

    Movie Serials

    I enjoy the old series of Nancy Drew with Bonita Grandville.
  3. It is true, coming out in May. If it is as dumb as the last one I will miss seeing it.
  4. Geniebeanie

    Most Beautiful Musical Moments

    Best musicals of all time in my humble opinon. 1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 2. Kiss Me Kate 3. Sound Of Music 4, Mary Poppins 5. Top Hat 6. Singing In The Rain 7. Brigadoon 8. West Side Story 9. Show Boat 10. Hair
  5. Geniebeanie

    best romantic comedy ever?

    1. Bringing up Baby 2. Topper 3. Philadelphia Story 4. Some Like It Hot 5. Arsenic and Old Lace 6. Harvey 7. Bell Book and Candle 8. I Married A Witch 9 .Genevieve 10,Gentle men Perfer Blonds
  6. Geniebeanie

    Upcoming Releases

    Anyone know if they will realease my favorite Bette Davis film of all time? I really want the film The Sisters to come out on DVD. I had it on VHS but cannot play it anymore.
  7. Wow, I dream of seeing my all time favorite film on the big screen. I have a friend that has a personal movie house in his garage and we played it there. His sound system is out of this world. I wish they would bring back vingtage films. Most of the new movies are trash.
  8. Geniebeanie

    Citizen Cane

    It is the best film ever made, the actors were suppose to be uptight and stiff.
  9. Geniebeanie

    My Top Ten Films Of All Time.

    I watched the tv special tonight and was shocked that they did not even mention the best film ever made. So here is my favorite film list of all time. 1. Citizen Kane 2, Casablanca 3. Rebecca 4. Tale Of Two Cities 5. Robin Hood [Errol Flynn] 6. Gas Light 7. The 39 Steps 8. The Big Sleep 9. Captin Blood 10. Petrified Forest I could not believe they had movies that were okay but not earth shaking like Forest Gump, Gladiator and etc in the top ten.
  10. The best participation movie of all time, Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  11. Geniebeanie

    memory game

    Please put back the memory game, it is my favorite and the real only reason I stay on this site.
  12. I do not have a lot of free time and I am tired of deleting hundreds of emails from tcm. Someone please help me. It is driving me crazy.
  13. Geniebeanie

    To Kill A Mockingbird

    This movie is a great one. The book is even better. I am just sorry that you can only watch it once for a first time. I have seen it at least twenty times. I have to get it on DVD.
  14. Geniebeanie

    Funniest Romantic Comedies

    Bringing up Baby Topper Philadelphia Story My Man Godfrey The Thin Man
  15. Geniebeanie

    Pointless Thread

    Gimli to Aragon,"you are going to have to toss me. Aragon to Gimli "What about the Elf?" Gimili to Aragon"Don;t tell the Elf" Aragon to Gimili "Not a word" Aragon Tosses Gimili

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