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  1. Candace irwin

    Ted Turner

    He made it possible for all ages enjoyed movies without commercials
  2. Candace irwin

    Information on horror classic

    I remember she was playing a piano
  3. Candace irwin

    Information on horror classic

  4. Candace irwin


    Here are movies I have suggested
  5. Candace irwin

    Information , please

    Who is in charge what movies to be aired ... how many times are they showing “ A Place in the Sun” repeating shows like they do on HBO, let me rephrase what I. Meant by Ted Turner I thought when he set up TCM is for a variety of classic is that what Turner Classic Movies stand for.
  6. Candace irwin

    Mr. Ted Turner

    How Turner Classic Movies Catering to Film Fans
  7. Candace irwin

    Hammer Films

    To me the best horror movies are the B- movies made in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Those are the classics
  8. Candace irwin

    Need variety in movies

    I agree they repeatedly showed movies all over again for example The Thin Man , WE NEED variety of movies
  9. Candace irwin

    Hammer Films

    My wishes for everyday in the month of October they show every horror movie classic.
  10. Candace irwin

    Information on horror classic

    I remember she was the playing the piano
  11. Candace irwin

    Information on horror classic

    Information on a movie title in black and white movie classic... In one scene I vaguely remembered is when a woman with a long wavy blonde hair wearing her white nightgown walking into a room and she removing both of her hands on top of a piano

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