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  1. albatros1

    Least Liked Hollywood Film Stars

    Criticism is just a personal opinion Why don't you write a column or a book? And why is it you can't take a little criticism without get insulting???? It seems that a lot of people on this board have very thin skins and become defensive quickly. As far a the new thread on idiocy, I'm afraid you have that all locked up.
  2. albatros1

    It's a Miklos Rozsa night

    Yes I should have said adapted for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.
  3. albatros1

    Typecasting in films, maybe -

    Also the leader of the terrorist rebels in Gunga Din
  4. albatros1

    Typecasting in films, maybe -

    I agree completely with you about Lon Chaney Jr. They have tried several times but there no comes close to his "Lennie" in Of Mice and Men. That few minute scene with Cooper in High Noon is terrific.
  5. albatros1

    It's a Miklos Rozsa night

    Rozsa was a violin player at age 5 and his violin concerto for the film The Private life of Sherlock Holmes, is my favorite.
  6. albatros1

    Naming babies after your favorite stars

    It was a popular thing to name children after movie stars in the 40's and 50's.
  7. albatros1

    Least Liked Hollywood Film Stars

    Everyone's a critic. What would they call your acting?
  8. albatros1


    I ask again, what is it you "20's" like about "classic" films?
  9. albatros1

    Was anyone else bothered....

    Without looking it up, did anyone recognize who was singing "Sunny Side of the Street"?
  10. albatros1

    Favorite War Movies

    Thank you Mr. Know-it-all.
  11. albatros1

    Favorite War Movies

    Seeking the truth is always the banner held high. Something like Senator McCarthy who was looking for the "truth" about Communist in the government. Anyone is fair game when looking for the "truth". I was a depression kid and grew up with FDR in office. The Recovery programs he started put food back on the table. FDR was the symbol of that generation and what it accomplished. I became active on this message board because I thought it was all about movies. So here we are in the Favorite War Movies thread reading someone's personal political theory. Why don't you go to the history forum. You'll get lots of action about the FDR conspiracy to get us into WWII and the rest of us can go back to movies.
  12. albatros1

    Favorite War Movies

    Are we back to blaming FDR for WWII? Wasn't this tried some years ago? No matter what, I doubt if blame can ever be pined down to one person. As with most wars, it falls to a rather complicated series of events and people. As for Kimmel and Short, well that's the down side of being in command. When something goes wrong or right they get the blame or credit. They interpreted their orders as best they could with the information at hand. Revisionist historian are always waiting in the wings for the chance to show their version of history is the correct one and the glory that goes with it. And there are always people who want, for whatever reason, to believe it. They get a kick out of tearing down someone who is no longer here to defend themselves. Of course it's easier that way. Sacred cow indeed. And what do you know of FRD except what you read in books? Soon the generation that put FRD in office, fought and won WWII will be gone and then there will be no stopping the finger pointers.
  13. albatros1

    Favorite War Movies

    Is this going to turn into a Viet Nam history lesson?
  14. albatros1

    A Twenty-Something's TCM Musings...

    So what is it you like about TCM, other than no commercials, That seems to be the most popular theme with most people on the board.
  15. albatros1

    Favorite War Movies

    It's easy to say those ideal words when you live in America. I wonder if you would say those words in 1933 Germany or for that matter, in Moscow the same year when tens of thousands of people were disappearing. When your neighbors are being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again. Fear is a mighty weapon and few, very few people risk it's wrath. Yes it's easy to speak those noble words when there is no fear of reprisal. How long did it take for people to finally stand up to The Un-American Activities Committee?

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