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  1. OldPeopleSuc

    ~Princess Mononoke~

    >I?ve probably suffered from a slightly ethnocentric perception when >considering them for viewing. Thanks for the perfect example Fred.......
  2. OldPeopleSuc

    The Subtle War Film

    so what your saying is you like your war films non-violent and completely unrealistic.....right. You do realize that war does have violence.....and did you say loud noises???....I think its your bedtime old timer.
  3. OldPeopleSuc

    Band of Brothers.....second season!?!

    Judging by the screenshots, it seems to take place on the African front
  4. OldPeopleSuc

    Band of Brothers.....second season!?!

    HBO just announced that there will be another season to the acclaimed series Band of brothers.....anyone else here have any info on this? ......and please pay no attention to my username......
  5. OldPeopleSuc

    Japanese animation

    http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=76231&tstart=0 .......It was a huge mistake to use that as my username....and for that I apologize.
  6. OldPeopleSuc

    Regular time slot for Anime

    I do apologize for my child-like banter. It was wrong of me to intrude here and bad-mouth all of you in such sarcastic way. I now hope to tread the road less "sucky".
  7. OldPeopleSuc

    Japanese animation

    > hey old people suc... > > Change can happen at the damnedest times. Like, > let's say one day you're sitting there watching your > favourite movie channel, playing whatever movies you > think are art at the time, and suddenly the > programming totally changes... and they start playing > those crappy old black and white movies on you. How > good do you think that change will be? You will have to soon realize down the line what is considered a classic now will most likely change over time. As we get older, what we perceive as a classic film will probably be the films we've grown up with. That said, I too have noticed TCM trying to attract a less seasoned fanbase (1970's/80's films). It will probably get worse overtime with a whole new set of "classic" films. We all just have to simply stop over analyzing the situation and move on...... > And buddy, here's the best part: you're going to get > old too, hopefully before you know it. Just wait > until you see the crappy movies your kids want you to > take them to (let alone having to listen to the crap > they're going to consider "music"). Just keep in > mind, it's all "art." That should help you to > stomach it. ........I can't see myself wearing Depends, which is why I plan to go down in a blaze of glory well before I'm 60!
  8. OldPeopleSuc

    Japanese animation

    Blasphemy!......Where else can I get my Tarantino fix?
  9. OldPeopleSuc

    Japanese animation

    > Well that's not true at all. Most "classics" are far > better then most new movies. That's not saying much. The quality of films over the past months have been at a all time low.....and this is coming from a veteran movie critic (18). Films of today and yesteryear always had a problem of completely milking a film idea. I just hope this stops. Till then I'll keep watching the IFC and Sundance channels. I too think TCM has a well structured cable program. The content is what I have a problem with.
  10. OldPeopleSuc

    Japanese animation

    This message is for all you people of a time long forgotten. You should not fear change, Change is good. As with most changes (letterbox, anime, sliced bread) it is actually improving on life.....and I'll be damned if any of you prune face geezers change it!
  11. OldPeopleSuc

    Regular time slot for Anime

    Your so very right Zombie. The action sequences in these movies will probably give the regular viewers a stroke.
  12. OldPeopleSuc

    Regular time slot for Anime

    I fully agree with Raskolnikov! I sadly missed the first two Miyazaki films this month. I really do hope they get an encore presentation in the coming months. .............and all the regular TCM viewers can spend this time taking their heart medication.
  13. OldPeopleSuc

    Japanese animation

    Good for you TCM! Finally you guys show something other than those "classics" that were made in the time when real acting was basically non-existant. Movies that were incredibly linear with a great lack of depth. Hopefully you'll continue this path and actually air more movies that truly deserve the title "classic". I can honestly say that I was never an Anime fan before....but after seeing what a man like Miyazaki can produce....I can now say I am!

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