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  1. MissWatusi

    Movies I watch again and again.

    The Maltese Falcon Harriet Craig
  2. MissWatusi

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    No one can replace him. Sad
  3. MissWatusi

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    I love this topic, but I wish you would go back to the other format. Thanks.
  4. I taught fifth grade in Texas and slavery WAS discussed as THE major reason for the Civil War.
  5. My favorite days have been Barbara Stanwyck and Herbert Marshall. I also liked Alexis Smith day.
  6. Tha Maltese Falcon-to me, the perfect movie All About Eve Brief Encounter The Third Man Harriet Craig-Joan Crawford at her strictest
  7. MissWatusi

    The Underrated Sixties & Seventies

    Where's Topkapi?
  8. MissWatusi

    Themes or storylines you don't care for.

    Fred, I hate "home invasion" movies, too. I will not watch them. I won't watch a war movie either, unless it serves as a back drop to the movie...like Hope and Glory.
  9. MissWatusi

    What classics would you like TCM to air?

    I would like to see Barbara Stanwyck's The Furies.
  10. MissWatusi

    Noel Harrison (1934-2013)

    Awww. I saw Noel Harrison performing at a dinner theater in Dallas in the 70s! I think the play was called Mousetrap.
  11. MissWatusi

    Joan Crawford as SOTM January 2014

    Yeah, I love HARRIET CRAIG!
  12. MissWatusi

    robert osbourne

    I ,too, like Robert. However, I don't find that Drew has any real movie knowledge. To me, her commentary is just banal and stale...almost useless.
  13. I love the ending of Enchanted April...the Joan Plowright version. It is perfect.
  14. MissWatusi

    New Doris Day Interview

    I heard part of the interview on a trek across Texas. It was wonderful. My favorite song pairing was Quiet Nights. I wish I could hear the entire interview. Doris was so gracious and interesting.
  15. MissWatusi

    unknown movie title How to train your husband?

    Your movie, If A Man Answers..., stars Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin, along with John Lund, Cesar Romero, and Stephanie Powers.

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