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  1. KNOCK ON WOOD with Danny Kaye. When was the last time anyone has seen this movie on TCM. I would venture a guess that it's been well over 10 maybe even 20 years. For some reason TCM doesn't delve into the really rare movies that are just fantastic to watch, like this one. How about OFF LIMITS with Bob Hope, another great classic that doesn't make it to the tube. Come on TCM watchers, join in with me and demand that TCM start showing the really rare classics like the two that I mentioned earlier. We want more variety and entertainment. I'm afraid that someday TCM will turn into the AMC that is today, all the same movies, over and over and over and over...
  2. A movie that should've been out for years now or at least been shown by TCM for awhile is still under cover. Does anyone know why this movie has NOT been on TV or reproduced on the DVD format for everyone to enjoy. I would really love to get a hold of this movie. My family got to see it once back in England, and we were lucky enough to tape it on VHS format long ago. The tape was in the PAL format and therefore could not be watched here, and has since been destroyed, but it has us in stitches and we loved to watch it. It sure would be nice to have this in our selection of DVD's once again.
  3. Kusz

    The Magnificent Seven

    Chico - "Farmers. Their famlies told them we'd rape them" And we might, but in my opinion, they should have given us the benefit of the doubt.
  4. You can see this clip here on the TCM Watch videos if you type in the title and select the clip you want to watch. It's her right breast by the way.
  5. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    i don't know if you heard that his movie "Merry Andrew" and "Knock on Wood" have been out for awhile. Both pretty decent movies I must say.
  6. Kusz

    suggest a movie

    Haven't you ever seen how TCM has an explanation of the Letterbox movies and why it's much better than what you are requesting? Films that are shown in the format you want miss so much more of the picture. You really should see it, it explains it better with actual films compared side by side with your format and the letterbox. If you see it you will most likely agree that letterbox is better. Maybe you should consider a bigger tv!
  7. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    Hey Smiler, with Mai Zetterling in this picture maybe that's why it's called "Knock on Wood".
  8. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    That doesn't help but you sure can spell!
  9. Kusz

    The Scavenger Hunt

    A whole S_ _ _ load of stars and a ton of comedy. The best is when Cleavon Little and Roddy McDowell along with James Coco try to rob a grocery store. Mr. Coco is just too much, I almost died laughing. When is this movie going to be realeased on DVD?????
  10. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    Tygra, I do believe that Wonder Man has already been released and has been out for awhile, it may even be discontinued by now. But check Amazon. com or UnlimitedMovies they should have it if no one else.
  11. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    You said it Smiler. This is great news, and to everyone else Gromek ever so much!
  12. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    Hey everyone they are taking pre orders for the Danny Kaye movie "KNOCK ON WOOD". To be released in September of this year. Yeeeeeehaaaa! If you haven't seen this movie, buy it sight unseen for it is great, you won't be disappointed.
  13. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    Thanks Tygra, i apologize on the mis information. I do like the movie I had it in VHS but it was from england and now I don't have the proper equipment to watch it. But all in all still a very good movie.
  14. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    I believe the movie you are looking for is called "A Star Is Born" not to be confused with a movie by the same name that I think Barbara Streisand is in, but I'm not sure.
  15. Kusz

    Who Likes Danny Kaye?

    Well tygra, this is what I got from the person who has some rare Danny Kaye. I have a copy of the movie"Knock On Wood", it's not of real great quality. It was recorded on a type of VHS machine off of a network TV station. He tried real hard to not get the commercial breaks and basically all you see is the initial station identification symbol. So there are some breaks but in general the movie stays constant and from everything I remember from seeing the movie back in England, he didn't leave anything out. Everything is there for your enjoyment. I for one am glad that I have it since it is so rare to find. The price is rather high I think. But I'll get the movie "Merry Andrew" from him, because he sent a sample of the other Danny Kaye movies he has and "Knock on Wood" is the only one that has that taped off of a tv station type quality. The others are from non commercial viewing I guess. So write me at my email address bkuszak@hotmail.com and I'll give you his information.

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