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  1. Haven't seen "The Notebook" yet, but did purchase a copy after hearing rave reviews from strangers! LOL They also suggested a new box of kleenex, which I bought today. "Murphy's Romance" is wonderful! I almost signed up for cooking lessons, but when they couldn't assure me that I would find a man like James, I decided not to take the course. The old Maverick series are a hoot!
  2. I'm slipping..I totally forgot about James Garner. I was thrilled to finally have "Rockford" on DVD. My mom and I were in front of the TV every Thursday to watch him!
  3. I agree ladies, the men were men back then. I'll have to throw in my nickels worth on the guys and gals... Of course these are in no particular order, just depends on my mood! LOL Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier, Robert Mitchum, Robert Taylor. Jean Harlow, Ann Sheridan, Vivian. As for the new guys...I'm smitten with Gary Oldman. Sigh...
  4. Huntress

    Worst Movie Lines

    ****!!!! You have too much time on your hands Mr. Helm....
  5. Huntress

    What movie can NEVER be re-made?

    Thanks Rusty...I was losing sleep over that. LOL I am so "rusty" on my trek trivia, they may revoke my geek card. That would be devistating.
  6. Huntress

    Worst Movie Lines

    Okay...What the heck is a "naked nancy"? I have an idea, but better to ask the experts...
  7. Huntress

    Worst Movie Lines

    Hey Rusty! I will take your advice on Zabriskie Point. I just don't have enough time to watch alot of movies. I have too many movies in shrink wrap and others bought at yard sales the past few years that I need to watch first! LOL I agree totally with you on Demon With A Glass Hand. That is one of my favorite OL episodes! It is fun to see the stars in their early roles in various TV apperances. I guess I'm just not fond of too many movies from the 80's. Heck, I still haven't seen any of the "brat pack" movies! I get quite a bit of flack for that, but they are on my "list" of things to get to someday. James Mason is a favorite of mine, but after 15 mins of "Mandingo", I shut it off and will never watch it! It was horrible!!!
  8. Huntress

    The End Is Near

    I think you should write a screenplay about those cranes. You could bring back the 50's monster movie genre, or take a page from the beach movies. With how boney hollywood is getting these days, you'd have no shortage of talent to cast the cranes from. Gary Oldman as the mad doctor who made the giant cranes. (I love him) Keanu Reeves as the hero. He needs a job.
  9. Huntress

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    "Weekend At The Waldorf"...
  10. Huntress

    What movie can NEVER be re-made?

    Too funny!!! How could you not give that a standing ovation! I would have lost too. It was just brought to my attention that CTU director, is also Sam in LOTR!!! I knew I recognized his face, but couldn't place it. Thank goodness my buddy has a better memory than me. Maybe that's why she's my friend. She realizes I need help. LOL What was the apartment number?? LOL
  11. Huntress

    Most tearful film endings

    Don't know if it's been mentioned in previous pages, but I always cry at "Waterloo Bridge", when Vivian decides to throw herself in front of the car. Who can forget Wallace Berry in "The Champ"??? Kleenex please...
  12. Huntress

    Worst Movie Lines

    Hey Rusty...Seems like you guys here have more time to watch film than I do, and have a more informed option as well. If one of you says it's a stinker, and has no actors in it I'm interested in, then I'll take the advice! I've seen and own quite a number of stinkers! My poor machines start coughing when I put one of in to play...Of course there is the "cheese" factor. I've got to be sold on it. How's that Robert festival going?
  13. Huntress

    The End Is Near

    Fred , I thought I had dreamt the category of Longest Sideburns. Thanks for the validation.
  14. Huntress

    The End Is Near

    Jimmy was the person I was thinking of . Typed the wrong name! Cranes keep people away? Hmmm...maybe I'll cancel getting that tattoo. I'll have to watch Rear Window tonight. Been awhile. What did you think of "I Confess?" Watch that leg!
  15. Huntress

    Guilty Pleasures!!!

    Raven, Try to find a copy of "The Atomic Submarine", 1958. I like all of the titles on your list, and I think you would get a kick out of the above film like I did. It has everything! I LOVE it!!! LOL

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