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  1. OK, I took note of your Arlis comment on my ID list page. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I started this thread. Hope you all enjoy it. Ran into some computer problems. Here is the updated caricature identifications -- new URL:
  3. thanks, emgee1, I incorporated some of your ideas in updated Menu Caricature list:
  4. thanks, I added all of your comments to my "list". I wonder about Boyer and Youngman. Others I see. Best, Robert
  5. Thanks for all your help. I have edited my list with your guesses and suggestions. Same link: Robert
  6. I'd appreciate help in identifying the show business caricatures, drawn by Xavier Cugart, on Agua Caliente's c. 1930 menu. You will find it here at my web page: My email address is: . Also: The caricatures are numbered by me so it would be easy to email me your opinions. (Agua Caliente, in Tijuana, Mexico, just over the border from San Diego CA, was a fabulous and lucrative Hotel-casino-spa-race track-golf tournament-you name it, resort during the time of American Prohibition -- specifically 1928-35. It was the largest resort of its type in the Western Hemisphere, and an attraction for Hollywood luminaries who would fly there.) Thanks, Robert
  7. chipe

    Suggestions Forum

    I suggest you NOT run political films at the same time the conventions are being broadcast live on TV. People who like either would invariably like to see both -- the conventions and the films. Most people can't tape the films at the exact time they are watching the conventions. Therefore: put non-political films on TCM during the time the conventions are live.
  8. chipe

    Ride the High Country -1962

    I liked the movie a lot, too. One thing that turned me off, though, in this movie and a lot of others of the period. I didn't care for the young lovers (Mariette Heartly [? sp], et al.) hijinks, humor, etc. Same with a lot of John Wayne westerns. I wish they'd leave it to the old timers.
  9. In the title are two very good westerns, especially "Face of a Fugitive." You won't regret it. It always annoys me the way TCM shows inferior Westerns over and over, and you rarely see these two. A lot of people put down "Good Day for a Hanging" (Robert Vaughn has good role/job in it BTW), especially the ending, which I think is great. "Fugitive" has everything you would want in a Western including a well made intricate plot. Catch them this Saturday.
  10. chipe


    tuesday weld, carrol baker
  11. The list seems to have great actors and/or big star-romantic leads. I would have left off the list Anthony Quinn, Sidney Poitier, Peter O'Toole, and maybe Mickey Rooney. Not that they are "chopped liver," but other more suitable names could have been found.
  12. in no particular order: 12 o'clock high dawn patrol dirty dozen -- I thought of this on my own; only two recent posts note it attack! (with Jack Palance) best years of our lives -- not really a war movie, but great sahara patton -- not really a war movie, but neat command decision a walk in the sun Home of the Brave -- a favorite 1949 movie I almost forgot -- about racism and battle fatigue. Message was edited by: chipe
  13. Ella Raines in "Tall in the Saddle." A favorite movie of mine. Terrific scenes and chemistry between John Wayne and Ella. Delicious. A very strong woman character. It's practically a "B" movie, but very entertaining. I wish she made another movie with Wayne, and more movies in general.
  14. chipe

    The definitive film noir

    I just made this post on another thread here, but it belongs here as well, for the definitions of film noir: "Just want to let you all know that here is a very good Noir web site -- has reviews of many noir films, interesting definitions of noir, etc. Worth a look. I know you will love it. Here are some links from that web site:'>'>'> Have fun, chipe"
  15. chipe

    What Makes Film-Noir Film Noir?

    Very nice post lucky/SwankHipster. Thanks. Just want to let you all know that here is a very good Noir web site -- has reviews of many noir films, interesting definitions of noir, etc. Worth a look. Here are some links from that web site:'>'>'> Have fun, chipe Message was edited by: chipe

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