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  1. gmabfd

    Who Isn't a Clint Eastwood Fan Here?

    Wow,alot of my favorite movies & shows of his. He's good. I truly love him,later, in Bridge in Madison County and SpaceCowboys. I still enjoy to watch alot of the ones,mentioned before.
  2. What woman, would ever think Pernall Roberts was plain. I totally agree,on how handsome he is. Even when, he was on Trapper John MD. My heartrate went up. Does anyone know where he is now? Did he pass?
  3. gmabfd

    Favorite Gay Actor

    You go girl.
  4. gmabfd

    Choice Ham

    Jerry Lewis,what a cutie. Choice of ham: Wham If you ain't eating Wham,you ain't eating Ham. Mr. Blandings Dream House
  5. gmabfd

    Cary Grant makes me sick

    I agree with stoneyburke. Carol Lombard makes me sick. She always into war issues and such. Good actress that died to soon. FredcDobbs: Lana Turner,would be my second choice. That was funny. Same thing would happen to me,with Cary Grant.
  6. gmabfd

    Paul Newman Our Greatest Actor!

    I love Charles Coburn. He's a great actor. The Lady Eve and In Name Only are two of my favorite films of his. William Demarest did alot movies,long before My Three Sons. He was never second banana. Even when he was in the same movie with Fred McMurray. Demarest could hold his own. Good guy,good actor. Bogney is cool. Lauren Bacall,how beautiful was she. She had charm. They're not many like them, anymore.
  7. gmabfd

    Favorite War Movies

    The Best Years Of Our Lives,some many wonderful actors/actress in this movie. Plus the storyline is good.
  8. gmabfd

    Paul Newman Our Greatest Actor!

    They'er both incredibly sexy. YES. I have always enjoyed seeing McQueen. I agree, I wish he would of been with us longer. Then talent wise, I might of changed my opinion. I don't think so. He probably would of became more famous. Sad, we'll never know. Redford is Ok. Just don't care either way,if I watch him or not.
  9. gmabfd

    Favorite Gay Actor

    Thanks for saying what I've been thinking. It depends on who says it. If the actor/actress said it themselves, fine. It's one person's word against another. Especially, if they're not living. Their acting should be what's important. Not what we think. I may think alittle differently about Rock Hudson, than I use to. I still watch his movies. I still listen to Elton John's music. Media can sure play up things. Like Princess Di's life and death. Leave her family alone. They know the real truth. Her sons only need to know,she loved them. Thanks Stoneyburke and Scarlett, I totally agree. There are so many more important issues in the world.
  10. gmabfd

    Breathtakingly Beautiful

    Gene Tierney was naturally beautiful. She sure could get a man's attention. On and off the screen, I'm sure. Gene could act to. She was talented. Scarlett.......Glad to see you back on the boards.
  11. gmabfd

    Paul Newman Our Greatest Actor!

    I'd make "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen, anyday. LOL. "Love and The Proper Stanger", the list goes on.
  12. gmabfd

    Favorite Gay Actor

    I'm surprised to hear Anges Moorehead. I know Paul Lynn and Dick Sageant were gay. The cast of Bewitched. I don't think Barbara Stanwyck was. Doen't matter to me,either way. She was such a talented actress.
  13. gmabfd

    Your Favorite Child Stars

    Totally agree about Ron. He seems to be down to earth. I remember him in, "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" with Glenn Ford & Shirley Jones. I'm glad to see how he grew up, on & off the screen.
  14. gmabfd

    Favorite Gay Actor

    When I was young, Rock Hudson was my heartrob. I still watch his movies, but it's not the same. On tv, I use to watch "Dr. Kildare". Young handsome, Richard Chamberlain. Again, years later, crushed by the news.
  15. gmabfd

    Olivia De havilland / Errol Flynn

    A&E's "Biography",the channel here, she did suggest that her sister, might play the part of Melanie. Olivia tried out and the rest is history.

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