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Found 5 results

  1. Gregory Peck, born Eldred Gregory Peck April 5th, 1916 is my favourite actor of all-time. I have seen 99% of his movies on the big and small screen. I was part of an online Gregory Peck fan club which produced a birthday book for his 85th birthday which -since he knew the founder of our club - went to actual doorstep. I was too devastated when he died to take part in a tribute book that they did for his widow. I'm not sure what is happening with that club since I am no longer on Yahooclubs. LawrenceA suggested that I should start a thread on my favourite actor of all time. My Darling Greg -as I like to call him. As he got older and more frail I became unable to watch anything sentimental that he was in. I started to watch only his war films and westerns. It has only been in the last few years that I have been able to watch movies of other genres. Now that he has been gone for a long time I can watch things like Roman Holiday again. My favourite Gregory Peck movie of all time is The Guns of Navarone. The first Gregory Peck film I saw was To kill a Mockingbird back in grade ten after we read the book. At first, I didn't watch war movies and westerns as they historically have not been my first choice for genres. Ironic, because those account together for over 50% of Mr. Peck's career. Obviously, I could not consider myself a Gregory Peck fan and not see these films. And actually, a lot of my favourite actors and actresses made westerns and war films. Mr. Peck was the first AFI president, he was president of the Academy, he was an Academy Award winner, and he won the Jean Hersholt award for Humanitarianism.
  2. Hello, all! I'm collecting mp3 of songs that were nominated for an Academy Award. And of course, the hardest one to find is "Pennies for Peppino" from FLYING WITH MUSIC (1942). Now of course, I am fully aware there's very, very little chance of finding the song anywhere. But I want to know if there's anyone who have seen the movie at least once and know the lyrics to the song or if there's anything more than that they can help me out with. Yes, it's a really crazy request and I'm sure my replies will be "Nope, sorry, no dice." But you can't say I didn't try.
  3. Hi everybody, Like many here, I've been following the #OscarsSoWhite controversy of the last couple of years with some interest. I've found the debate more interesting than most of the movies made by Hollywood today (I hope that nobody makes a Biopic on this, although I bet somebody will and it will be Oscar bait). Anyway, I find most movies today to be so boring that I've gone back and purged on the classics. To justify this, I've started a Podcast series called The Tawfik Zone's Alternative Oscars. Even though the films back then were usually better, I've found that I still stray from The Oscars' choices (hence the Alternative Oscars bit). Admittedly, our podcast is still a bit rough as we're still figuring out our rhythm, but I thought I'd go ahead and share our first two episodes: 1950 - 1951 - What did you think of the Best Picture nominees of those years? What do you think of our Alternative Nominees? What would be your lineup for Alternative Oscars for the 1950 and 51 cycles? Is there anything we can do to improve our discussion? Any constructive feedback is appreciated. I hope you'll stay tuned for our 1952 entry which we aim to do mid- to late- February. Thanks, Adam
  4. Hey all! Earlier this year, Harry Belafonte was slated to receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, an honorary Oscar, at the Governor's Awards ceremony. The event took place on Nov. 8th, and I wanted to share the video links to his acceptance speech. Listen to the whole thing, if you can; it's worth it. I'm constantly floored by the carriage and presence of this man (not to mention I found him DEVASTATINGLY handsome). He serves as a prime example of one who believes in using their platform to positively impact others. I'm glad to see that he received it, although I do believe that he, like many, should have won an Oscar competitively long before now. Enjoy, my fellow classic movie lovers!
  5. Initially one of the items on my bucket list (I actually have one) was to watch every picture that has won the "Best Picture (Production)" award from the Academy. I have now watched 82 of 86 of them. Now that I have come close to achieving my goal, I have started watching every movie ever nominated for the "Best Picture" award. I have created a spread sheet and am actively working to watch all 512 movies. I am wondering if anyone out there as done this. I have been working on it since approximately January, 2014, and have around 140 more movies to watch. I would love to be able to discuss this "quest" with anyone who is also doing this or has achieved this. Please respond and I will definitely get back to you! Thanks!

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