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Found 1 result

  1. Princess of Tap

    What Women Want

    It always amuses me when I see or hear men talking about what women should do, what women should be and what women should want. Mel Gibson made a movie called What Women Want - - I would never pay money for a Mel Gibson movie, but I was on a plane coming back from Paris; I didn't have a lot of options, as I couldn't get off the plane. If you have seen this movie you know it's about a guy who has some kind of a physiological change and can read women's minds. By the way, the film was directed by a woman, Nancy Meyers; she cleaned up at the box office. Without getting too specific about what women want, I would say that they want what everyone wants. They want to be allowed, without a lot of encumbrance and [..], to lead their own lives and do whatever [..] they want to do. And they certainly don't give a damn about any man's opinion anymore. And to think nearly eighty years ago, the Hollywood censors were reluctant to let the world's biggest male movie star say just that--"I don't give a damn" --without a lot of brouha and big hassle. My my my, times have really changed. I would say feminism is basically all about a woman doing what she wants to do and not allowing men to get in the way. Not every woman wants to lead soldiers into combat. Although I've always heard that Joan of Arc was very good at directing and leading soldiers. So good that some jealous Englishmen had to burn her up. My favorite statue of Joan of Arc is near La Rue de Rivoli in Paris, not far from the Louvre. She has the armor on, she's on the horse and she's got the standard of France in her right hand and she's going for it. According to my French instructors she got a lot of opposition in those days. After all she was just an illiterate farm girl from Lorraine. It was the 15th century, she said she heard voices - - - some people thought she was a witch. So that might be the excuse for burning her up. Well fast fast fast forward to the global economy and the nuclear digital age. There are still some men today who still think they can restrict the freedom of women. I'm not talking about the Taliban. Well Pandora couldn't put it back in the box and women are not going back in the Box either. It's unfortunate that the extreme right in the United States: want to put women back in the Box -- want to put black people back in Jim Crow-- segregation, sounds something like you can't force people to associate with people that they don't want to associate with and want to put gay people back in the closet. The so-called North Carolina bathroom bill in 2016 is no different from Jim Crow saying black people can't use the "white only" bathroom because it's restricted-- they are forced to go to the "colored" bathroom. Here we are 2016, some people think they can pass laws that say I don't have to bake a cake for a gay person because I don't like gay people. That's no different than saying I don't have to serve black people a hamburger and a Coke at Woolworths because I don't like black people. Liking black people's against my religion. Now let's really get down to it-- in 1967 when Stanley Kramer made Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, it was against the law in a number of southern states for a black person to marry a white person of the opposite sex. Spencer Tracy mentions this in the movie. He tells Katharine Houghton and Sidney Poitier that their proposed marriage would be illegal in some Southern states in the United States , and that was after the Civil Rights Law was passed in 1964. A black man marrying a white woman was called miscegenation and was illegal in a number of Southern States in the 1960s. Today a number of the same southern states are still invading the privacy of and trying to destroy the constitutional rights of adult Americans marrying each other because they don't approve of the match. All these off-the-wall laws against gay people in the south have to do with some Southerners opposition to the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. What do women want, what do black people want, what do Asian- American people want, what do Latino- Americans want, what do Native Americans, what do gay people want-- what does any American want except to be treated as a human being, to be respected and allowed the dignity of the human condition. In 2016 we shouldn't have to remind anyone that all American citizens are born equal in the eyes of the law, as guaranteed by the US Constitution. There are no exceptions.

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