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Found 2 results

  1. I am looking for the name of a black and white movie I saw on TCM a while back, with this premise: a woman (she lives with her dad) gets pregnant, but the man dies in war before they can get married. She goes of to New York to have the baby, and makes a plan with a nurse that the nurse will leave the baby on the woman's doorstep, so the woman can take in the "found" orphan (who is actually her own child). But the nurse mistakenly leaves the baby on the neighbor's doorstep instead and they take in the baby. The woman is forced to watch her baby grow up with the neighbors because she cannot claim him as her own. I believe she becomes the nanny or babysitter so she can be close to him. Eventually the secret is revealed. Any help identifying this move would be soooo appreciated!!
  2. hturchi

    Help Finding a Movie

    Hi! I need help finding a movie that I watched on TCM several years ago. I've been searching for this for a long time. This is the synopsis: A wealthy young man gets drunk on evening and marries a poor girl. In the morning, he and the rest of his family discover his new wife. To avoid scandal, the couple must go on a honeymoon on the famly yacht. When they return, the plan is for them to be quietly divorced. Well, they are on the ship, but the two don't really get along. The young man is really snobby and mean to his new wife. He gets sick while they are on this ship and she starts nursing him. Well, after that, I reluctantly had to leave to go to class, so I don't know how the movie ends. I have been searching and wanting to find this movie for a long time. If someone could please help me find the name of this movie, it would be greatly appreciated!!! I know its not much to go on. I don't recall who was in the movie or exactly when it was made. I know it was a black and white film however. Any help in discovering this movie would be fantastic!!!

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