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Found 7 results

  1. I have searched and searched for this online, but to no avail. I saw this movie as a child and it scared the daylights out of me. It was in black & white, and I'm guessing from the '40s or '50s (possibly very early '60s). As best I can remember, a young woman comes back to a house where she witnessed the murder of a family (while she hid under the bed in the attic?). She can't remember what she saw then but freaks out every time she goes upstairs to the attic and sees a white curtain blowing in front of the window. I think she's now engaged to the only remaining son of the family, and at one point, she's suspicious of him and he tells her to kill him and remove the curse on his family forever. If I recall correctly, it ends up being the caretaker or handyman who was the murderer.
  2. Sheldon R

    Thank you Princess Of Tap

    (Congrats US Senator Jones of Alabama I wrote this yesterday!) Today at 0:07 Dear Editor: This letter is in reference to Judge Roy Moore and as far as I know and have researched 8 women have come forward with allegations that Judge Roy Moore, Republican candidate for the Senate in Alabama sexually assaulted them including other questionable behaviors. Still Judge Moore continues to deflect and brush-off all his accusers.Even as he remains in a statistical tie with Democrat Doug Jones, American attorney, prosecutor, and politician.Jones is well known for his prosecution of the two remaining **** murderers who participated in the killing four African-American girls that were unmercifully blown up in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham,Alabama. It's looking good for Jones but lets go back in history for a brief minute all looked equally as well for my Presidential candidate Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician when she was running against "the Donald" your fired President Trump then the television went from showing blue colored areas of the united states to a sickening total red eclipse and now we have an even bigger mess-tastrophy in the WH. So I am really appealing people please do not let our President put a dysfunctional lunatic and some like Judge Roy Moore as a Senator in Alabama. Especially after he did the same thing as Mr. Trump and I think to date 17 women have come out against President Trump and at this writing as Vermont US Senator Al Franken steps down three other Senators have asked President Trump to resign in the wake of his many sexual harassment scandals reads the latest news out of the Washington Post. In essence a vote or nod to allow Judge Roy Moore to win and claim the Senate seat in Alabama is just justifying that Mr. Trump wants business to as usual to continue and life goes on. Must I refer you back to the 2005 interview Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women in the infamous Billy Bush of “Access Hollywood” on a bus. We all know that Trump is mad as a hatter and extremely tone deaf. It's like do as I say not as I do. He's basically hopeless. Even a story in the Washington Post states Trumps U.N. ambassador former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley departed from White House position that women who have made allegations have all lied. Trump's own camp is turning against him more and more. Now is the time to stop the Trump cancer. Before it spreads and destroys us all. Look at the young woman Heather Hyer who lost her life in a peaceful protest in Charlottesville Virginia a protest that was turned violent and out of control by Trump supporters who cost an innocent woman her life. Trump has and is causing so much grief,tragedy and chaos day by day. But lacks the fortitude and courage to resign and thus far the forces that oppose the Trump presidency don't have the votes to impeach him. So it looks like he will have a "rough ride" such as the sad example of the rouge and renegade police officers in Maryland to finish up his four years and hopefully will not seek another term nor be elected to another! (PS:Princess of Tap I like your name how did you get it?)
  3. I watched this movie on TCM some time ago , A man goes to see a woman I think he is a detective possibly when he gets there she is in a altercation and he tries to help and she stabs the man with scissors. They decide to take the body to the woods , he the body is discovered, at the end you think he is killing himself but he wakes up in a chair at the lounge bar he had a drink at. anyone know this movie? I remember them saying at the time it was law that if you commit a crime they have to be sentenced or a dream or something.
  4. This is very vague, but I remember seeing a bit of a movie a long time ago, and I have no idea what it was... I remember that there was a murder and the body was dumped in some kind of construction area and ended up being covered in cement. I think someone witnessed this happening through a window. It was definitely a black and white movie. I've tried googling it and I've never come up with anything. Any ideas? (Also, for some reason, I was convinced Jimmy Stewart was in it and played a lawyer, but I may be mixing that up with some other movie.)
  5. Saw this last night, and I have to say it's really interesting to watch these films while working on this course because I think our senses are more keen to listen, look, and find things that maybe otherwise we wouldn't listen to or look at. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good film, with a twisted and dark little story. Performances from Tom Neal and Ann Savage were good, although she felt a bit more forced. Neal was more natural, but they still worked pretty well off each other. Great use of light, shadows, and music, and a fine direction by Ulmer to keep the mood. Enjoyed it a lot. Now, on to the things I saw that reminded me of this course... Low key lighting, contrast and shadows... Oversized, surreal props Use of fogs, lights, shadows... Dream-like sequences, angled shots... Add to that the traditional character elements of noir films, like the man down on his luck and the "femme fatale", and the flashback narrative. And a great shot near the end... I enjoyed this one a lot. Any thoughts?
  6. Made in 1941 by Columbia Pictures and remade very poorly in 1969 by the same this has everything, comedy, crime, drama and psychological thriller, This is Ida Lupino at her best. Her career spanned from 1931 to 1978 as a actress 105 credits, director 41 credits, writer 8 and producer 2. If not a cult classic then it's an essential.
  7. viviwildflower

    Please Help Name This Film!!

    Hi everyone! I have been trying to figure out the name of this movie for almost two years now, it was AMAZING and for the life of me cannot figure it out! I have a few basic details but everytime i search i come up empty handed so I figured why not go to TCM. Well, here it goes! Basically the movie surrounds a young girl who moves to New York to become an actress . She meets a man on a balcony during a party and they have a conversation on what they do as a career, he's an artist. jumping ahead the girl ends up working as a secretary for a gentleman who lives in the building in which the party was held, same building she ends up living and ultimately dying. Her bosses house keeper ends up finding her hanging in (from what i remember) a closest or bedroom. The head detective of the scene states that the victim was pregnant and says that because she was found in the bosses apartment they must have had an affair and he murdered her. Throughout the movie this detective searches for clues surrounding the young womans death and finds out that she has worked many jobs under many different names (a bar a restaurant etc etc) he also finds out that she ran from a small town to avoid a marriage to a young man who (i think) was to become a lawyer. While the investigation is going on the neighbors that threw the party from the beginning (a stay at home husband/ french artist and his actress wife) are being questioned by the police. **if i can remember who the wife was, i may be able to figure out the movie name but this is where i draw a blank** The wife says that she heard screams and signs of a struggle. she said that sometimes their telephone lines get crossed because they are in the same building and shes heard the suspect speaking with the victim numerous times (i could be making this up but im trying to remember best i can) she says that she cant believe he would have done this. Well fast forward to the end- the actress wife actually finds out that her husband (the artist) is having an affair with the victim due to the crossing of the telephone lines and over hearing a conversation between the two. I HOPE AND PRAY SOMEONE CAN GIVE ME THE ANSWER THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!! I REALLLLY LOVE THIS MOVIE AND AM SOOOO BEYOND UPSET THAT I CANNONT FIGURE OUT THE NAME OF IT LET ALONE WHO PLAYED IN IT!! Hopefull the details given is enough i can tell you this movie is in black & white and its more of a "dramady" (if thats even a word)

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