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Found 8 results

  1. Ballot measures taking aim at climate change fall short Efforts to nudge the nation away from burning fossil fuels and toward harnessing renewable source of energy were rejected by voters Tuesday across a swath of resource-rich states in western states. The failure of environmental ballot measures in Arizona, Colorado - and the likely defeat of a proposal to impose fees on carbon emissions in Washington state - underscore the difficulty of tackling a global problem like climate change at the state and local level, where huge sums of money poured in on both sides. Even as a United Nations-backed panel of scientists recently warned that the world has barely a decade to radically cut its emissions of greenhouse gases that fuel global warming, the Trump administration has been busy expanding oil and gas drilling and rolling back Obama-era efforts to mitigate climate change. Environmental advocates and Democratic lawmakers have placed much hope in state and local governments to counter those policies. But while Tuesday saw the election of numerous candidates dedicated to climate action, individual ballot measures aimed at the same goal largely floundered. Voters in Arizona, one of the nation's most sun-soaked states, shot down a measure that would have accelerated its shift toward generating electricity from sunlight. Residents in oil- and gas-rich Colorado defeated a measure to sharply limit drilling on state-owned land. Even in the solidly blue state of Washington, initial results looked grim for perhaps the most consequential climate-related ballot measure in the country this fall: A statewide initiative that would have imposed a first-in-the-nation fee on emissions of carbon dioxide, the most prevalent of the greenhouse gases that drive global warming. *************************************************** Voters have finally figured out what a scam this has all been, global warming was all about Democrats wanting more money to spend on their political agenda, and nothing more. Shame on them for getting rich off of it.
  2. More manatees died from cold stress this winter Florida is on pace for another cold, harsh record year for manatee deaths, according to an environmental watchdog group. Already, 166 manatees have died statewide, state statistics through March 2 show. Cold spells in January and February claimed 51 manatees statewide this year, including 10 of the 22 deaths in Brevard County. More than 150 manatees died in just the first seven weeks of 2018, putting Florida on pace to set an annual record for manatee deaths, according to the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), a nonprofit government watchdog group. “Florida’s manatees are one big freeze away from an ecological disaster and need more, not less, protection,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch. ******************************************** We were constantly told that global warming was going to kill off the planet, and yet manatees are dying in Florida due to cold temperatures instead? Where are the experts to explain this, they always disappear whenever the facts dispute their bogus claims.
  3. Relentless Weather: More Snow as Another Nor’easter Takes Aim New England is bracing for yet another winter storm — a third in less than two weeks — that could bring up to two feet of snow across parts of the region and as many as 18 inches to the Boston area. A winter storm watch was in effect from Monday evening through Tuesday evening for much of New England, and a blizzard warning was issued for coastal Massachusetts. Officials urged residents to stay off the roads unless necessary, given the likely white-out conditions. The snow was expected to begin falling Monday around midnight and could continue for 24 hours, forecasters said. Officials called off school for Tuesday in Boston and several surrounding districts. Amtrak suspended train service between New York City and Boston until at least 11 a.m. Tuesday. Ferries were canceled, as were scores of flights in and out of Boston’s Logan International Airport. Many state offices, including the motor vehicles department and law courts, were closed. ******************************************** Another big winter storm and the global warming experts have no answers on why they continue to be wrong.
  4. Global warming causes freezing blast in Europe - scientists A freak warming around the North Pole is sending a blast of Arctic cold over Europe in a sign of "wacky" weather that may happen more often with man-made global warming, scientists say. To the south, a rare snow storm hit Rome on Monday (local time) and some Brussels mayors planned to detain homeless overnight if they refused shelter with temperatures set to fall as low as -10degC in the coming week. Hit by easterly winds from Siberia, cities from Warsaw to Oslo were colder than -8degC. "The jet stream becomes wavier, meaning that colder air can penetrate further south and warmer air further north," said Nalan Koc, research director of the Norwegian Polar Institute. *************************************************** I knew they would have to make something up to explain the record cold temperatures. About the only people crazy enough to believe this must live in insane asylums.
  5. After record cold Friday morning, snow will likely miss Eugene - but not Oregon EUGENE, Ore. - A burst of snow on tap for Western Oregon is forecast to skip the southern Willamette Valley on Friday. But for now, the 1 to 2 inches of snow forecast to fall after 6 p.m. in the Portland and Salem areas will likely miss Eugene, Corvallis and Albany - despite the new record low of 21F set in the Emerald City early Friday morning, besting the previous record low of 24 from 1920. Forecasters have issued a Winter Storm Watch, from Saturday to Sunday night. "Total snow accumulations of 8 to 14 inches are expected for tonight through Saturday evening," the National Weather Service in Portland said. "Heavy snow will develop early Sunday, with 12 to 24 inches of snow likely Sunday and Sunday night." ******************************************** More record cold temperatures on the west coast and no explanation from the global warming experts yet again.
  6. MovieMadness

    I now support global warming

    No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It Add this to the list of decisions affected by climate change: Should I have children? It is not an easy time for people to feel hopeful, with the effects of global warming no longer theoretical, projections becoming more dire and governmental action lagging. And while few, if any, studies have examined how large a role climate change plays in people’s childbearing decisions, it loomed large in interviews with more than a dozen people ages 18 to 43. A 32-year-old who always thought she would have children can no longer justify it to herself. A Mormon has bucked the expectations of her religion by resolving to adopt rather than give birth. An Ohio woman had her first child after an unplanned pregnancy — and then had a second because she did not want her daughter to face an environmental collapse alone. Among them, there is a sense of being saddled with painful ethical questions that previous generations did not have to confront. Some worry about the quality of life children born today will have as shorelines flood, wildfires rage and extreme weather becomes more common. Others are acutely aware that having a child is one of the costliest actions they can take environmentally. If it weren’t for climate change, Allison Guy said, she would go off birth control tomorrow. But scientists’ projections, if rapid action isn’t taken, are not “congruent with a stable society,” said Ms. Guy, 32, who works at a marine conservation nonprofit in Washington. “I don’t want to give birth to a kid wondering if it’s going to live in some kind of ‘Mad Max’ dystopia.” ************************************************** I completely support their decisions, if people are too stupid to understand this scam, then they shouldn't have children.
  7. British scientists find that sandwiches contribute to global warming Not just ham sandwiches, either. All sandwiches, whether of ham, cheese, peanut butter and jelly or the classic BLT, homemade or commercially prepared, are guilty of contributing to global warming to one degree or another. The plastic-wrapped convenience-store sandwich is particularly culpable for creating the greenhouse gases that doom us all. The scientists concluded that the 11.5 billion sandwiches consumed annually in the United Kingdom, as counted by the British Sandwich Association, could be responsible for the equivalent of the annual carbon emissions of the 8.6 million cars in Britain. Some varieties of sandwiches leave a larger carbon footprint than others. The Bigfoot of sandwiches is the store-bought breakfast sandwich of egg and bacon or sausage. Each sandwich contains, in addition to the calories, the carbon-emission equivalent of driving a car 12 miles (on the wrong side of the road). The humble homemade ham and cheese sandwich actually leaves the smallest carbon footprint of all, and its indictment presumably carries the fewest counts. The packaging, transportation and refrigeration of the plastic-wrapped sandwiches are contributing factors, but the filling, the lettuce, tomato, cheese, bread and even the condiments are the chief villains. Ashley Byrne of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is positively giddy at the prospect of a meat tax, since meat takes what she called an “incredible toll on the environment.” It makes “absolute sense” to tax it. *************************************************** These people need to be kicked off this planet and sent to Mars. Anyone who agrees with this scam is as stupid as a rock. FACT: This is being used to increase taxes for political purposes alone.
  8. Greenland’s recent temperature drop does not disprove global warming Intuitively, you may think that temperature throughout all of Greenland has been increasing, but that is not the case. When you look at the yearly average, the ice-free parts of Greenland show a slight drop in temperature between 2001 and 2015. With swings in temperature from year to year. However, these results should not be interpreted as “proof” that the Earth is not warming, say the scientists behind the research, which is published in the journal Scientific Reports. You need to have thirty years’ worth of data before you can “talk about climate,” says Professor Bo Elberling, an environmental geochemist and senior scientist on the study. So we should be wary of discussing these results in the context of climate change, says Elberling, who is head of the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM) at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. *************************************************** When the temperatures are cooling they want everyone to wait to see why global warming isn't happening, but during a summer heat wave it's always because of global warming.

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