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War films

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Please review war DVDs here, thanks. When reviewing, good things to keep in mind that people want to know: how good was the film quality, was the film itself any good, what were the extras and how good were they, was there a good commentary, etc. You know, stuff you would like to know if you were thinking about buying a particular DVD.

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*Patton (Blu-ray high definition)*


If you have been hearing that the Blu-ray high-definition edition of "Patton" is spectacular, the reviews are right on the money. The clarity of the Blu-ray edition is truly incredible. I saw it in the theaters when it first came out and owned a DVD edition of it at one time, but never has it looked this great.


When you first play the movie, you get the introduction by Francis Ford Coppola that preceded the standard DVD edition, and they have used the SD version of it here. Then it gets into the movie itself and from the moment you see in HD the immense American flag and then Scott making his speech, you are a goner. Incredible story wedded to an incredible print.


This a 2-disc set. The first is the Blu-ray movie (plus an audio commentary by FFC). The second disc is the same as the second DVD in the standard 2-DVD set, and contains in SD the following special features:


History Through the Lens: Patton - A Rebel Revisited documentary

Patton's Ghost Corps documentary

The Making of Patton documentary

Production Still Gallery accompanied by Jerry Goldsmith's score

Behind the Scenes Still Gallery accompanied by an audio essay on the historical Patton


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Hi. It seemed to be a good time to ressurect the individual threads that were set up when I helped get this Forum created. We are getting so many threads being started for so many things that could all be in one place that it makes it hard to find anything.


Keeping within a theme thread makes the Classic Film DVD Reviews Forum a much neater place and better organized.. Thanks.

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*From Here To Eternity (Blu-ray)*


From Here to Eternity is a movie that still stands up to the test of time. If one starts watching in hoping this will be the attack on Pearl Harbor, you will be disappointed and will have to wait until the end for that to happen. This is a tour-de-force movie about relationships.


Montgomery Clift beats expectations as the soldier who doesn't want to box. Burt Lancaster is tough to the soldiers but in offguard moments shows he has a strong, caring side. Frank Sinatra pulls off the little tough guy, Maggio, superbly. Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed, both cast against type, turn in very admirable performances.


The video is superb, lots of grain, good solid blacks.


Audio: excellent. Always clear, and when the bombs do finally fall, you feel them. (A sidenote: this is another release that shows off the ability of Blu-ray. There are multiple foreign-language selections (about 8 or 9, plus 25 subtitle language possibilities.))


The extras are surprisingly slim for a film like this, but a few of them are excellent. The "Eternal History: Graphics-in-Picture" works quite well. It has a number of people, including the director's son, discussing the making of the film while you are watching it. There are also a few captions that appear that are scene specific. That last is one of the problems, though, with this extra..the captions are the only thing scene-specific...the people talking were all filmed separately, none of them are talking about the film while watching it. They are edited in and do have a reference point, sometimes, but it is not like watching the film and being in the moment.


At first, I thought those clips would likely be brought over from the featurette, "The Making of From Here to Eternity," but it turns out that isn't the case at all. That "making of" extra is over almost the moment you read the title, running just over 2 minutes long.


There is an excellent 9-minute excerpt from "Fred Zinnemann: As I see It", and there are some nice color home-movie clips that were taken on the set. It will have you wanting more.


And there is an excellent audio commentary by Tim Zinneman and Alvin Sargent.


Inside the cover are reproductions of 5 lobby cards (though why they stayed with 5, instead of the whole set of 8, is a mystery).


Highly recommended.

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