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*Creature From the Black Lagoon Blu-ray 3D/2D*


Just a poor, misunderstood creature. That's all the Creature from the Black Lagoon is. People invade his sanctuary, and he fights back...but not without falling in love with the beautiful damsel (Julie Adams).







I forgot how wonderful this entry into the horror fray is. It's basically a one-set premise, with a small cast, but it is highly enjoyable. And Universal has put together a terrific package. The film comes in Blu-ray 3D and 2D on the disc, with only a few extras, but it is definitely worth a purchase.







The black and white 3D is astonishing, a full 5-stars. An excellent print with several in-your-face 3D effects. There is a healthy amount of grain in several scenes, and the sharpness of the 3D print is fully to be applauded.







Audio is excellent.







The extras are on the slim side. The 40-minute history of the Creature (in SD) has all you could want to know (I didn't know that an uncredited Henry Mancini composed some of the music in this film). The gallery of several dozen images is also good. In addition, there are trailers from all of the three Creature movies. There is also a commentary accompanying the film that contains a ton of information, but they should have reduced the movie's audio to nothing during it because it's like trying to listen to someone but a person nearby is also having a conversation. The 100 Years of Universal: the Lot, is okay, but is on other discs. It would have been nice if they could have provided a different Universal history piece for each horror film.







A must-buy for classic fans, for horror fans, and for 3D fans.

Easily in the top 5 3D Blu-ray releases.  The 3D is superb!  I think HOUSE OF WAX is the the 3D Blu-ray release against which all others should be judged; but, my brother thinks it's CREATURE.

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Last evening I watched a gem of a movie that surprisingly was good. It was called Bad Ronald starring Scott Jacoby, Dabney Coleman, Pippa Scott and Kim Hunter. I never knew this movie existed until I saw it on a list and I just happened to see the title. It's Horror, from 1974, a movie-of-the-week back then--about a fourteen year old boy name Ronald Wilby who lives with his ailing mother, played by Hunter. Ronald, who appears to be good natured, with twist of a bad temper and slightly "weird." Ronald, a curly haired bespecaled (sp?) boy accidently kills a little nine year old girl. Ronald races his home, confesses to his mother what he did. She helps cover up the murder by making an undetectable "room" inside the wall. Mrs. Wilby feeds him everyday while lying to the police that perhaps Ronald ran away, maybe to see his divorced dad. It's clear that Ronald Wilby is a "Mama's Boy," and was told by Ma that she had to get an operation and she will come back for Ronald after her week long stay in hospital. A week passes, no Mother. Relatives come into the house while Ronald is still hiding out inside the wall, where he learns of his mother's death. Then days later a brand new family moves in--parents with three blond daughters ranging in age from 13-16. Meanwhile Ronald becomes a voyeur, while slowly, after being cooped up in a small room by himself drawing all day, Ronald's mental capacities start coming to question. Slowly we watch Ronald deteriorate into a scary, creepy, mentally deranged boy, who wears the same dirty clothes everyday and sneaks food from the new family's kitchen. When his thoughts turn to homicide, his voyeurism becomes more and more sloppy and this horror movie soon comes to a climax that leaves you down a path of dread, suspense, and terror. This movie did not disappoint me. I was clued to my seat the whole time. Pretty good for a 1974 made for TV movie!

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