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tcmunderground has just premiered - thumbs up to Rob Zombie

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Thanks TCM!


I wanted to express my support for the new TCM Underground. It's a terrific idea and something I've been hoping to see on TV for some time, a chance to showcase movies that have attained a certain cult status but fall outside what is usually considered classic material.


I've seen the Tim Burton movie ED WOOD countless times but strangely had never seen the original Ed Wood movies. This double feature was a ton of fun and I was amazed how perfectly the Burton film recreated the material. It was fascinating seeing the real faces behind the characters in the film.


I'm really looking forward to the Russ Meyer double feature next week as I've yet to see those films.


I hope TCM Underground will continue this series into the new year as well.

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I just wanted to say that Thank you to TCM for having Rob Zombie on as a host and for showing these movies. I really enjoyed Plan 9. I think Ed Wood had a great idea for his movie, sci-fi/horror, but not the big budget or the right actors. There is humor and wit on his side, albeit silly to an extent. I found the Tim Burton movie Ed Wood to be most informative and sad that a great actor like Bela Lugosi died the way he did. I have been a fan of Rob Zombie since his White Zombie's days. I always thought he was a fan of old/classic horror. White Zombie is the title to Bela Lugosi's 1932 movie. Also, in one of his songs the intro is part of an old horror movie, (can't think of the name). I definately feel Rob is totally appropriate and has a real interest in these movies. It is quite obvious he is a fan of horror since he has made his own (2) horror movies. I just wish it came on earlier, some Fridays I just can't keep my eye's open past 1am.


Thanks, KT

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as far as tcm doing better, these movies are classic cult films, not main stream. so quite obviously not every one "likes" these movies. but they deserve to be shown, and rob knows his stuff.....



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> I can't believe so many people liked Rob Zombie's

> "performance" on TCM's Underground premier Saturday

> Night. Zombie looked like one as he listlessly droned

> through his ten minutes of work. I'm also stunned

> that some people think Zombie "knows his stuff" about

> movies. The TCM people have researched that stuff for

> him, he just reads it off a teleprompter!


Rob does know his stuff. He's no Robert Osborne, but he's a very savvy film buff.


His Horror movie collection is second to none in the whole Western Hemisphere.


His music is based off classic movies, and horror characters. The guy's a huge film buff. He may not be writing columns in the Now Playing guide, but his knowledge for film extends a lot deeper than you realize.


Zombie's personality is actually a lot like that 'droned' persona he showed us last Friday. He's always been a mellow talker, that's his MO.

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I know i've always hated Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Frank Sanatra, Peter Lawford, Sidney Pontier, Clark Gable and Tony Curtis. The actors I do like are Bette Davis, Olivia De'Havlend, Joan Fontaine, Spencer Tracy, Donald O' Connor. And that just about covers it.

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