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Favorite Silents

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I've been trying to compile a library of my favorite films from each year, but I chose a top 20 for the silent era, which I view as 1890's - 1928. Here's my list. What are some of your favorites from the silent era?


1)  Metropolis  (1927)

2)  The Passion of Joan of Arc  (1928)

3)  Nosferatu  (1922)

4)  The Big Parade  (1925)

5)  The General  (1926)

6)  Haxan  (1922)

7)  The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari  (1919)

8)  The Last Laugh  (1924)

9)  Die Nibelungen  (1924)

10)  Faust  (1926)

11)  Battleship Potemkin  (1925)

12)  Greed  (1924)

13)  Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler  (1922)

14)  Intolerance  (1916)

15)  The Gold Rush  (1925)

16)  The Hunchback of Notre Dame  (1923)

17)  The Unknown  (1927)

18)  La Roue  (1923)

19)  The Phantom of the Opera  (1925)

20)  Storm Over Asia  (1928)

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(Lucky Star (1929) would be on here, but it is from 1929, it is unofficially on the list. It was silent. Slightly odd movie with a cheesy end, but still neat.)

5.  Sadie Thompson (1928) Some of the movie I disliked, some of it I loved, but the ending really got to me. I felt very badly for Gloria Swanson's character and what is implied; I did like that at the very end she seems to find a middle ground and is not as overly wild as she was at the start, but not overly rigid either. It was worth seeing just to watch Gloria, she really did a nice job with it.

4. IT (1927) My first Clara Bow movie, she has IT!

3. Her Night of Romance (1924) Ronald Coleman and Constance Talmadge were very entertaining in this one, it was so funny and very enjoyable. It's free on Youtube.

2. Forbidden Fruit (1921) I loved Agnes Ayres in it, I think it was one of her best performances.

1. Any movie with Valentino in it.

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My favorite Rudolph Valentino movie is probably Cobra (1925), I like movies that aren't happily ever after and very dramatic movies, and I loved the character development in that movie. I love how Count Rodrigo Torriani changes throughout the film and how three-dimensional his character is. And, of course, Rudolph and Nita Naldi are so fun to watch.

5. All Night (1918) a rarer one, but very charming!

4. The Young Rajah (1922)

3. Beyond The Rocks (1922) with Gloria Swanson!

2. The Eagle (1925)

1. Cobra (1925)

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There are great choices already mentioned.  Let me add just a few:


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)

Safety Last! (1923)

Flesh and the Devil (1926)

The Cameraman (1928)

Safety Last (1923) is so good, Harold Lloyd is very talented.

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