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Looking for 3 movie titles:


1) Movie starts with Halloween (maybe the whole movie is about Halloween) and boy(s) doing Halloween pranks like - poop in the bag is lit and doorbell rang and a dummy which is put in the middle of street and cars slow down and go around - one yells "get out of the street, you drunk" and the last one goes past and then backs up and takes the dummy - very funny scenes but I don't remember the rest of the movie or the name - can you help? I remember seeing this in the mid 70's on TV so might be from the 60's or 70's


2) Another scary story where either vampire or witch is drowned in the last scene when water raises up in the dungeon (basement) of old castle. Might be a British movie of the 60's or early 70's


3) Teen movie of either later 70's or early 80's where boy seduces girl and leaves her to suffer consequences (just used her). I think he is teaching another guy how to be an "operator" - you know a real jerk.


Well, if you can help me with any of these, I would appreciate the titles. Thanks Jan


this may show up twice as it didn't post and I typed it again

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# 1 The dummy prank sounds familiar. I think it's Kenny and Company (1976)

# 2 sounds like The Terror (1963)

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