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We sell nut coal & rice coal for furnaces in the store where I work and I'm always amazed that we sell out every year. Obviously people still have coal stoves or furnaces.


I had a cast iron pot belly stove in my workshop and boy, was it efficient!

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There was a guy named Al who ran an auto repair shop down the street from my Grandmother's house that was there since the early '30's.  That's all HE had heating up the place in winter.  Yes indeedee it did the job!  When we were kids, each fall he'd give me, my brother and our cousin Sue a dollar each to scrounge up and down the alleys to gather all the scrap wood we could find to feed it for the coming winter.  Back when I was 17 or so and had my first cars, I'd go to him to get any repairs.  Since he knew me all my life he usually gave me a good break.  Sadly, the city's rezoning ordinances forced him to close and retire(at the age of 90!) ,  and he died at age 94 and the place was razed and a new house now sits on the site.  I and the entire neighborhood for several blocks around considered him an institution.  I miss his big old black Step-Van with the old tires on the front I'd often see tooling 'round town.




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