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Mike Pence-- Who is He and What is his Agenda?

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2 hours ago, jakeem said:

"Any time I’m criticized for my belief in Jesus Christ, I just breathe a prayer of praise," Vice President Mike Pence said.



Pence is primarily criticized for his total and unrelenting support of a man who is a racist, a misogynist, anti US Constitution, an accused and admitted sexual predator, and a bully--just to name a few negative liabilities of trump.

As much as Pence may try, it's too late for him to hide behind the cross.

He has willingly and continually supported a man like trump and now he hasn't got the guts to own up to why people are criticizing him.







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Mike Pence dumped his college fiancee for being a ‘sinner’ and narced on his beer-drinking frat bros: report


".........As he became more conservative and judgmental, Pence turned in brothers from his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, for drinking beer.


“Eventually his faith led him to reject some friends and even regard his fiancée, Karen, as a sinner whom he would have to forgive in order to marry,” the report says. “These habits of mind, later revealed in his hostility to equality for gay people and even climate science, were formed when he was barely an adult.”


Pence’s classmates say he was a “cruel” Christian who alienated former friends with his judgemental attitude.....

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To paraphrase Cheech and Chong: Pence used to be **** up on being a frat boy now he's **** up on the Lord.

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‘Complicit’ Mike Pence Blasted Over ‘Freedom Of The Press’ Defense Tweet

“Ironic post of the day, award winner!”

Vice President Mike Pence faced accusations of hypocrisy on Monday night after he tweeted about the importance of “freedom of the press.”

Deeply troubled to hear reports about Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. If true, this is a tragic day. Violence against journalists across the globe is a threat to freedom of the press & human rights. The free world deserves answers.

— Vice President Mike Pence (@VP) October 8, 2018


The irony of Pence’s post was not lost on Twitter users, many of whom accused him of being complicit in President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on reporters and media outlets’ critical coverage of the administration: ...

Seriously? You and Trump created this by screaming “Fake News” at legitimate journalists. You and Trump are responsible for this and own it. I cannot fathom how you and trump created this threat then ask for answers. Look in the mirror. ?

— Kandi Davis (@Kandid61Kandi) October 8, 2018

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