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A few months ago, TCM showed a new short film starring Sophia Loren. It was about a woman whose lover is breaking up with her via a phone call. It was directed by her own son! I believe it was called THE CONVERSATION.

Do any of you know if this movie is on DVD? I would really like to purchase it. Thanks in advance.

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It's actually called Human Voice, and the IMDb page for it doesn't list it as being available at Amazon.

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It appears that Amazon has a paperback book - DVD item for the film. 

(The Italian title of the film is 'voce umana' - produced in 2014.)


There isn't much description or feedback on the product so I have some reservations about mentioning it, but it may be OK.  (Would like to make sure that the book listed comes with a DVD, the DVD will play in North American players, and has English subtitles.)  The book itself looks like it is Italian-only, so buyer beware.


Here is the IMDB listing for the film if you want to keep looking



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