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This month's TCM magazine's got a few problems. Apart from the writers' apparently not knowing how to spell "adapted" (as in screenplay; twice it's "adapated" -- an appropriate homophone for addle-pated) they include:


THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (p 2): "[Harold] Russell, a real-life veteran who had lost both hands during the war, became hte only actor to win two Academy Awards..."


While Russell, a Navy veteran (not Army, as he is portrayed in the movie), did lose his hands during the war years, technically he didn't lose them in the war, since he never saw action overseas; the accident that cost him his hands occured during a training exercise stateside.


THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (p 2): "Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson, two writers of the Oscar-winning adapted (not "adapated") screenplay, were blacklisted at the time and received no screen credit. They were posthumously awarded Oscars in 1984."


The piece neglects to mention that in the early 1990s Columbia Pictures corrected the film's negative so that prints would now read "Screenplay by Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson," replacing the original that gave credit to novelist Pierre Boulle, who never wrote a screenplay.


The photo of Alan Ladd captioned as being from SHANE (p 7), is obviously from a later film, with Ladd decked out in a very un-Shanelike cowboy outfit that seems to have been purchased from the gift shop at a dude ranch. The shot's possibly from the actor's final film, THE CARPETBAGGERS (didn't the photo editor notice how much older Ladd looks?)

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