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Would You Rather No #2?

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Hi, everyone. I enjoyed the other "Would You Rather" thread so much that I decided to create my own. (Hence why it's called No. #2).



 I'll ask a  "Would You Rather?" question, and the next person answers it and leaves a question for the next person. I am not super strict on how the question is written, but it must have "Would You Rather" in the question. Have fun!


I'll start.


Would you rather be in the passenger seat of a car driven by Steve McQueen or James Garner?

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James Garner.  I like Steve McQueen as much as the next girl, but I would probably be car sick by the time I finish going for a ride with him.


Next: Would You Rather spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon with Robert Young or Robert Vaughn?

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Why do we need another thread? What's wrong with the original one? Did it get deleted?

Nothing is wrong with the original thread. I made this one up for myself because I enjoyed the other thread so much, but everyone is more than welcome to use it as well.


I apologize for any confusion I've caused.

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