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18 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

We see that none of these stories has turned a Trump supporter at this forum into a NON Trump supporter.

We have a special breed of right-wing extremism at this forum. #Trump4Life

So why would someone that was a loyal Hannity viewer and was a Trump supporter no longer want to watch Hannity?

They died. :ph34r:


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10 minutes ago, Princess of Tap said:

James, I don't know.

But one of our most staunch Trump supporters here online swears he never watches Fox and that he is a hardcore viewer of CNN.  He often  talks about their programming on a daily basis.

That really surprised me.

Yes, actually only one of the Trump supporters here admits to watching Fox News.

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35 minutes ago, mr6666 said:

The Lead CNNVerified account @TheLeadCNN 1h1 hour ago


.@jaketapper: CNN reported in November that Trump was contemplating replacing Tillerson within the next few months; to which he tweeted “fake news!”

Reminder that the President uses the term “fake news” to mean “news that is accurate, but I don’t like seeing it reported.”


It looks to me like Tapper still doesn't understand how Trump defines 'fake news';  fake news is speculation or 'news' that isn't relevant.    Therefore  Trump contemplating replacing Tillerson is fake news while Trump actually firing Tillerson is real news.

In addition a prediction or speculation isn't 'accurate' only when it comes true.   If I say the Clippers are going to win the NBA title  and that prediction is reported, that reporting is accurate regardless of who wins the title. 

While I don't agree with Trump here,   I do feel too much of CNN's 'news' is speculation.    E.g. Trump is going to fire Mueller.    When speculation goes on and on over a course of months and months,  it starts to look to me like 'fake news'.       (and now that Tillerson was fired,  the song starts again).



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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Sarah Sanders on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's future: "That is a determination that we would leave to Attorney General Sessions, but we do think it is well documented that he has had some very troubling behavior and by most accounts a bad actor"

Related image


1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Joe Scarborough Retweeted NBC Politics

What an ignorant thing to say. Andrew McCabe served honorably in the FBI on the SWAT team, fighting organized crime, combating terrorism, investigating the Boston Marathon bombing and securing the arrest of the terrorist who conspired on the Benghazi attack. He is a hero.

What  excellent assessments of both the White House Press Secretary and the FBI Veteran Officer by Joe Scarborough, a former four-term congressman from Florida and currently a MSNBC  Cable News Host.

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Trump's White House is slamming journalists for reporting on possible staff shake-ups. But Trump himself is the one leaking the stories. .....

".....But according to White House chief of staff John Kelly, those stories are coming directly from Trump.

Kelly held an off-the-record briefing with reporters, but excluded Axios, which then was under no obligation to keep his name out the story.

Axios reported that according to Kelly, “his boss, Donald Trump, is likely speculating about staff moves to people outside the White House and that reporters are then talking to those people.” Further, “a good deal of the news” about possible replacements can be attributed to Trump.

In other words, Trump is creating the news and then sending his press secretary to attack journalists for reporting what he’s telling them....


-playing the press like a 'reality show'



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