CANT ACCESS TCM.COM time warner not listed as provider

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I also have this problem since I have an old account with the former Bright House (Florida) network, which was not a "TCM provider" either, and they won't switch my old account to the new Spectrum, which appears to be a tcm provider. :angry:   Luckily, I also have a Verizon account for another house, so I can only access tcm online from that account.   :) The only suggestion that tcm had was to badger BH to death until they became a tcm provider, which I did when they existed to no avail. :angry:  If BH were my only tv provider, I would have dropped them for the only other option here, which is Direct TV, even though dishes are not a good idea for what used to be our frequent electric storms (before the current 6 month drought).  If Time Warner doesn't agree to be a tcm provider,  I myself would switch tv providers as I rarely watch tv and stream most of the tcm movies from tcm on demand.  When I drop my verizon account, I will have to drop BH and switch to Direct TV. :( I wish that I could be more helpful.   

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Don't hold your breath.  Many, many of us have been complaining for years on the TWC forum about the non-access to WatchTCM and other Turner-owned channels.  They simply do not care, and even though they have now merged with Charter, there is still silence on when or if we will ever get access to stream any of this content.  If we are all owned by Charter, there should be no reason why they STILL won't provide access.


I've given up.  Unless I switch to another provider...and Direct TV is the only other option in my area, we're at the mercy of the money-grubbing profit-hound execs at Charter.  Complain to Tom Rutledge, the Charter CEO about the garbage customer service policies that come from his miserable company.

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