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I saw a movie when I was a little girl that I can't seem to remember the name of or all of the storyline clearly. I've been trying to find this movie to show my girls and am hoping that with the pieces of memories someone can help.


- This was a period piece, possibly 1800s. Black and white I believe.

- The movie begins in a large fancy home with a young girl or young woman. I think he was warming herself by a fire. The story is about her and starts of establishing her life and family.

- A beautiful actress with dark hair played the main part, the young girl grown up. I don't know who it was but my mind imagines someone like Merle Oberon, Vivien Leigh or similar. A woman with dark hair and of petite build.

- She is injured. Possibly in a horse riding accident? She may even suffer from memory loss. Not quite sure.

- She is taken in and cared for in a cottage-like home I believe.

- A man may have fallen for her while being cared for.

- Another man who loved her before the accident stumbles across her sitting by a window of the cottage. He was possibly out on a hunt or it was in a hunt that she was hurt, not sure.


I hope I'm not confusing memories of movies and that someone can help.

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