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Nielsen report on 2016 TV viewing

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Trump was a boon to cable news, so sayeth the LA Times.  News channel ratings increased significantly by covering Trump according to Nielsen.  Online measurements not reported.

Fox + 36%; CNN + 77%; MSNBC + 88%; Fox Business News +73%.  The four major broadcast network news programs also saw increases.

IMO, no way these huge increases would have occured with just Clinton and any other Republican.


On the other hand, 2016 was a down year for regular entertainment channels, such as TBS, AMC, History, A&E, etc. Many saw declines of 10% or more. Number two Emmy winner FX was down 8%. NFL viewership also declined.

Don't know where TCM fits into this.

Some of this loss is attributed to people watching the news (Trump) more.

The online audience is not measured by Nielsen.

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The online audience is not measured by Nielsen.


That's the number one source for the drop-off. More and more people are dropping traditional cable and satellite, and switching to solely streaming, either on their mobile devices, or on TV-ready devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc etc. There's already an entire generation that cannot fathom watching commercial television, or non-binge viewing, as in, waiting a whole week for the next episode. Until the various streaming service start embedded non-skippable commercials in all programming, or whenever the streaming prices add up to a cumulative price comparable to that of cable/satellite, more people will switch to streaming every year. I still use cable myself, with a bit of streaming.

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