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Another WALL coming soon?

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"While Trump has claimed the wall will cost about $12 billion to construct, and Republican leaders Rep. Paul Ryan and Senator Mitch McConnell  have suggested it will be closer to $15 billion, the Homeland Security’s study says the cost will be at least $21.6 billion.



It will cost more, according to Vanity Fair, because Trump’s estimates fails to account for, “pesky little things the White House did not factor into its back-of-the envelope calculations, like the fact that many areas where the wall would go are privately owned and need to purchased and paid for.”

Of course, Trump’s biggest boast, that Mexico will pay for the wall, has already been exposed as a fantasy..,,


There are many in Congress and beyond who believe the wall is not necessary, and that the cost will be even greater once the monumental problem of acquiring the property and constructing it across difficult terrain is factored in.


While Trump has used the wall as a symbol for his get-tough policy on immigration, which helped him get elected, his claim for how it would be financed, what it would cost and when it would be done have already been proven to be untruthful....

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One of the clues on last night's JEOPARDY was looking for the name of who built the wall in England to keep out the barbarians (the category was about Romans and England, or something like that) and mentioned that it wasn't clear if he asked the barbarians to PAY for it though....:D


Of course, it was HADRIAN, but......;)




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