California Suite (1978)

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I saw this for the first time tonight, and I sure have mixed feelings about this movie.


Basically, several storylines are followed, about different groups of people who come to California for different reasons.


** I liked the storyline involving Maggie Smith and Michael Caine.


** I also liked the one with Walter Matthau, Herbert Edelman, and Elaine May. That one had a very amusing ending. (Thank you, Elaine May!)


** The one with Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor started out well. Their opening scene with the car having problems sure put a smile on my face. However, their scenes went downhill VERY quickly. What a waste of talent! Cosby and Pryor are capable of much better work.


** I was VERY disappointed with the Jane Fonda-Alan Alda storyline. Ugh. How extremely boring and heavy-handed! Among other things, it seemed to be an indirect Jane Fonda self-promotion. Sad.


Who else has seen this film and what are your thoughts of it?

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