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Det Jim McLeod

My Top Ten Lon Chaney Jr Films

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n chronological order,comment on these or post your choices 


1) Of Mice And Men(1939)-Chaney plays the child like Lennie,who doesn't know his own strength,heart breaking and haunting,one of the best movies of the 30s. 


2) Man Made Monster(1940)Lon is very good and likable as an average guy turned into an electrical killer by mad scientist Lionel Atwill. 


3) The Wolf Man(1941)his most famous role,at first he is a happy go lucky guy looking for love,then is transformed into a blood thirsty beast. 


4) Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man(1943)back as the Wolf Man,he has some great scenes especially his outburst at the gypsies singing in the village. 


5) Son Of Dracula (1943)this proves he can be very subtle and effective as the evil Count,one of the most atmospheric horror films of the 40s,very underrated. 


6) House Of Frankenstein(1944)my favorite of his Wolf Man performances,he has a touching but tragic love affair with gypsy girl Elena Verdugo,she even gets him to smile,they have nice scenes together. 


7) Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)final time as Larry Talbot the Wolf Man,somehow manages to still get some scares with his vicious werewolf character playing opposite the comedy team. 


8) The Haunted Palace(1963)another subtle and chilling performance here,as an evil warlock who summons his long dead master(played by Vincent Price) 


9) Witchcraft(1964)a surprising performance here,as an angry older man who is not what he seems to be. 


10) Spider Baby(1968)-his last good role,in a very bizarre horror/comedy,his speech toward the end is very touching and one of his best moments captured on film.

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