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1 hour ago, calvinnme said:

A quick snopes check determined:

California Assembly Bill 2943 does not mention the Bible, Christianity, or religion at all, so when Allen claimed that the legislation would “literally” prohibit the sale of the Bible, he was stating something that is demonstrably and clearly false.

In reality the legislation, which was introduced in February 2018 by San Jose-based Democrat Evan Low, enhances California’s already-existing prohibition on “sexual orientation change efforts” (SOCE), commonly known as “gay conversion therapy.” In 2012, the California Assembly passed Senate Bill 1172, which banned mental health professionals from performing SOCE on children under the age of 18. The law defines SOCE as: “any practices by mental health providers that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

A.B. 2943, as it stood on 20 April 2018, would extend that earlier prohibition in the following ways:

  • Prohibit SOCE from being performed on anyone, not only children under the age of 18
  • Prohibit the advertising or sale of SOCE as a service

The bill also appears to prohibit SOCE from being performed by any individual, not just by mental health providers, but the Assembly Judiciary Committee’s analysis notes it is not clear whether the text of A.B. 2943 would amount to a blanket prohibition on any and all SOCE. 

Anthony Samson, a Sacramento attorney and policy advisor told us by email that the bill would prohibit conversion therapy “as a commercial service in exchange for monetary compensation,” adding:

It does not apply to the sale of books or any other kind of goods, and it does not prevent anyone from speaking or writing on the subject of conversion therapy in any forum. 

Low’s bill does not seek to outlaw all religious or moral instruction regarding sexuality and sexual orientation, nor would it ban the sale or possession of generic religious texts such as the Bible. Christian dogma might form the basis of efforts change a person’s sexual orientation, but the Bible itself is not a “gay conversion therapy” manual.

End of quote. Personally, I think people should be able to buy whatever they like as long as it is not overtly harmful, no matter how goofy, so I don't like the intrusion of the nanny state into this area for adults.  Maybe just mandate that clients be required to know the dismal rate of success this therapy provides and let the adult client decide for himself/herself?

Useful info;  I'm still against such a bill as it implies to adults.    I supported the CA law with regards to minors but if an adults wishes such therapy,  they should be allowed to get it.


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